Season of Magic 2021

Downloadable: D23 Season of Magic “Season’s Greetings” Cards

Surprise and delight your friends and family with these adorable D23 Season of Magic-themed greeting cards! Just download each card; print out; cut around the image; fold along the center, horizontally; and write your message inside, before sending to a special someone (or maybe including it with a gift under the tree). You have several to choose from, including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Princess Tiana and Louis the Alligator, and Goofy and Max!

8.5 x 11-inch white cardstock (printable)

4 x 4-inch square envelope(s)

  1. Download and print out the greeting card images onto your cardstock.
  2. Cut around each image, using the black line as your guide, to eliminate any white borders.
  3. Fold each card horizontally, along the center.
  4. Write your holiday greetings inside.

Address your envelope(s), affix a stamp, slip your card(s) inside, and send through the mail.

  1. Holiday wishes, delivered!

NOTE: Cutting should be done by an adult.