Saluting Goofy Through the Decades

By Courtney Potter

Lovable, good-natured, and (let’s face it) hilariously accident prone, Goofy is a stalwart friend—and proof that good things do ultimately come to those who try, try again. The animated character who’d become Goofy made his very first appearance on May 25, 1932, in the Mickey Mouse cartoon Mickey’s Revue. Audiences had to keep their eyes peeled, though; the character, who isn’t onscreen for very long, is a member of the audience memorably cheering on Mickey’s musical comedy. But he obviously made an impact, as he’s gone on to an incredible 90 years of mirth and merriment—onscreen (the name “Goofy” officially kicked off with his first starring role in an animated short: 1939’s Goofy and Wilbur); within the panels of comic books; inside Disney parks around the world; in video games; and so much more!

To celebrate Goofy’s nine decades of fun, we’ve rounded up some favorite stills of Goofy’s adventures through the years. Did yours make the cut?

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