In a scene from Up, Russell (left), voiced by Jordan Nagai, and Carl (right), voiced by Edward Asner, are standing on terrain with flattened, large rocks. Russell, a Senior Wilderness Explorer, is wearing a Boy Scout uniform: a yellow shirt, brown shorts, a yellow cap, white crew socks, brown hiking shoes, and a yellow backpack containing a trumpet, a sleeping bag, and other hiking tools. Around his neck is an orange scarf, and diagonally across his shirt are the many badges Russell has earned as a Wilderness Explorer. He is looking at the sky through a pair of black binoculars. Carl is wearing a white shirt, a black bow tie, and a brown wool suit, a belt, pants, and loafers. He wears black, square glasses and holds a metallic cane with his left arm, which has four tennis balls on its end. In the background of the photo is the sky, clouds, and rock formations, with plants peeking out from beneath the rocky terrain.

QUIZ: Which Pixar Character Are You?

By Cecilia Sarantopoulou

As the magical celebrations at Pixar Fest continue to dazzle at Disneyland Resort through August 4, there’s no better time to immerse ourselves in the Pixar universe.

Uncover your Pixar counterpart belowand who knows, you might just stumble upon a revelation or two about yourself along the way!

When faced with a crisis, what’s your first instinct?

How do you handle challenging emotions?

What’s your approach to making new friends?

What motivates you most in life?

How do you handle disagreements with others?

What is your biggest fear?

QUIZ: Which Pixar Character Are You?
Woody from the "Toy Story" franchise

In a scene from Toy Story 4, Woody (left), a cowboy toy voiced by Tom Hanks, is looking ahead. He is wearing a brown cowboy hat, a yellow plaid shirt, a cow print vest, and a red neckerchief. On the right, Buzz Lightyear, a superhero toy action figure voiced by Tim Allen, is wearing a white and green space suit with purple accents, complete with retractable wings, and a red laser button on the chest. The background features neon lights and an elevated white surface with blue accents.

You are smart, determined, and deeply loyal to your friends and loved ones. Like Woody, you may occasionally grapple with feelings of insecurity and fear of change, but your strategic mindset and unwavering commitment make you a reliable and trustworthy companion.
Miguel from "Coco"

In a scene from the movie Coco, Miguel (voiced by Anthony Gonzalez) strums his guitar in a moonlit room. Glowing, orange petals gather on the floor and swirl around Miguel, who is wearing a red hoodie with white stripes along the sleeves, blue jeans, and black boots.

You are a dreamer at heart, passionate about pursuing your aspirations while valuing family above all else. Like Miguel, you may sometimes struggle to put your needs first, but your determination and kind-hearted nature always shine through.
Carl from "Up"

In a scene from the movie Up, Carl (voiced by Edward Asner) is wearing a brown, wool jacket, a black bowtie, a white shirt, and black square glasses. He gazes ahead in amazement. A pin on the left side of his jacket reads “GRAPE SODA.” Behind him, the background reveals a blue sky with large rocks.

You possess a strong sense of loyalty and determination, often prioritizing the well-being of those you care about. Like Carl, you may have experienced loss and hardship but ultimately find the strength to embrace new adventures and let go of the past. Remember, adventure is out there!
Joy from "Inside Out"

In a scene from Inside Out, Joy (voiced by Amy Poehler) is leaning on a large, pink controller with colorful buttons and levers. Joy is subtly glowing, and has short, blue hair. She rests on her elbows, palms cupping her face. The room’s floor is purple.

You exude positivity and happiness, always striving to uplift those around you. Like Joy, you may sometimes struggle with controlling situations and understanding the importance of other emotions, but your bright outlook on life is truly infectious.
Mei from "Turning Red"

In a scene from Turning Red, Meilin Lee (Mei), (voiced by Rosalie Chian), strolls along the sidewalk. Her short, dark hair is adorned with colorful pins. Mei wears thin, oval glasses, and a red knit cardigan paired with a blue denim skirt. A Tamagotchi dangles from her pink backpack as she holds a briefcase in her right hand. Behind her, Toronto’s Chinatown reveals buildings, a bus, and the exterior of a foot spa.

Confident and resilient, you embrace your true self despite facing challenges and societal expectations. Like Mei, you value authenticity and strive to forge your own path, standing up for what you believe in and finding strength in your relationships.
Joe Gardner from "Soul"

In a scene from Soul, Joe Gardner (voiced by Jamie Foxx) is playing the piano. He is wearing a blue suit, a brown shirt, and black square glasses. The background of the photo, though out of focus, depicts Joe’s audience.

You are driven and focused on your goals, sometimes at the expense of enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Like Joe, you may find yourself caught up in the pursuit of success, but it’s essential to remember to live in the moment and find joy in the journey.
Mike Wazowski from the "Monsters, Inc." franchise

In a scene from Monsters, Inc., Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal) is a spherical round lime-skinned monster with a single emerald green, cyclopean eye. Mike is inside a bedroom, holding a microphone in his right hand. Standing on a stool with his right leg, the rest of his limbs stretch out/ The background shows the bedroom walls and windows.

Just like the spirited green monster, you approach life with a rational mindset and a fearless attitude. You’re hardworking, resourceful, and always ready to tackle any challenge head-on—though you might sometimes struggle to see things from others’ perspectives. Remember, your unique qualities make you stand out, so embrace them and use them to your advantage!