All the princesses are in their sleepover attire surrounding Vanellope von Schweetz. (From left to right) Ariel is in a purple short-sleeve shirt while sitting on a pink chair with a blue scalloped rim. Cinderella is sitting on a blue bean bag with white stars on it while wearing blue leggings, a pale blue top featuring a blue design, and brown flats with her hair up in a low bun, tied with a blue bow. Pocahontas is wearing a dark blue long-sleeve shirt while hugging a light blue and dark blue striped pillow. Snow White has a surprised look on her face while wearing a red bow in her hair and a blue shirt that features a yellow skull design on a red apple. Rapunzel is slightly smiling while wearing a purple shirt under a pink zip-up jacket, and purple leggings with yellow stars. Moana is smiling while resting her arms on the back of the sofa and wearing an orange tank top that has “Shiny” written in yellow. Vanellope von Schweetz sits on the couch and stares at Anna, to the side of her, while wearing a green sweatshirt, green and white striped leggings, and candy in her hair which is in a ponytail featuring a pink bow. Laying on the ground, below Vanellope von Schweetz, is Elsa who has a pink milkshake in her hand with whipped cream and is wearing black leggings and a blue long-sleeve shirt that has “Just Let it Go” written on it. Tiana sits on the couch next to Vanellope von Schweetz and is wearing a green shirt that has “NOLA” written on it and matching green jeans while she holds a coffee with whipped cream on top that has a green straw sticking out of it. Anna is wearing a black shirt that has a sandwich on it, a green, black, and red flannel, and jean shorts with black tennis shoes and sits on the couch eating chips. Mulan sits on a red bean bag while wearing a red and gold zip-up jacket with dragons printed on the shoulders, black jeans, and red high top tennis shoes.

QUIZ: Which Disney Princess Would Be Your BFF?

By Emily Hewitt

Disney Princesses, with their sweet and kind essence and epic passions such as thingamabob collecting and cooking, are definitely BFF material. But which would be your perfect bestie match? In honor of World Princess Week, take the quiz below to find out:

What is your ideal mode of transportation?

Who would be your ideal animal companion?

What is your favorite food?

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

What goal do you hope to accomplish with a friend?

Where’s your favorite place to chill?

What skill in a friend would be handiest in your daily life?

What describes the most impressive skill you can bring to a friendship?

Where is your ideal vacation spot?

Which Disney Princess Would Be Your BFF?

Rapunzel, from the film Tangled, is in a purple dress that has pink sheer sleeves with pink and purple shoulder puffs. She looks shocked while holding a frying pan with both hands in a swinging position behind her.

Rapunzel, from Tangled, would be the perfect friend for you. Her passion for light festivals, ballet, and art will give you a lot of activity options and she will always have a guitar at the ready to enliven any event with music. Plus, her dressmaking skills will come in handy on special occasions and her love for baking will be the cherry on top of any hangout.

Ariel, from the film The Little Mermaid, is wearing a purple top and is looking straight up during the “Part of your World” song. with flounder right behind her, looking at her.

Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, would be the perfect friend for you. Her love of both ocean and land activities will mesh well with your personality, as well as her passion for traveling. She also always has a hairbrush and other thingamabobs at the ready that can come in handy. If you know the best places to thrift even more thingamabobs, Ariel would love to be your friend. She can even give you a grand tour of the ocean.

Tiana, from The Princess and the Frog, is standing in front of the window where food comes out in a restaurant. She is wearing a yellow-colored dress with a shirt underneath and her hair in a ponytail. She is holding a tray with a plate of biscuits and gravy upon it and looks to the side and smiles.

Tiana, from The Princess and the Frog, would be the perfect friend for you. If you know the best places to buy the most special ingredients in the land, then she would love to be friends with you so you can cook together. You can even open a restaurant with her or just eat beignets by the swamp while relaxing. Plus, she would be happy to show you around New Orleans when you come to visit.

Anna, from the film Frozen, is standing in a forest with green grass and purple and white flowers while wearing a black necklace with a green pendant, and a dress with a black bodice that has a green and red design, green off the shoulder cuff sleeves, and a light green rim on the top. Her hair is up in a bun with a braid around her head and a green bow tied into her bun.

Anna, from Frozen, would be the perfect friend for you. Anna would go to the ends of the earth for you (literally) and would gladly play in the snow when you are not bursting out into improvised songs. After enjoying a chilly sandwich-filled lunch, you could go skating together. She would have a ball showing you around the fjords of Norway with her friend Sven, a jolly reindeer.