Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Swings onto PlayStation 5!

By Laura Hathaway

The Marvel’s Spider-Man video game saga is about to add another chapter, with the highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This game finds both Peter Parker and Miles Morales defending Marvel’s New York from sinister forces, the likes of which neither has seen. Will the bond between our Spider-Men stand the test?

With the game now out only on PlayStation 5, here are some key reasons to pick up your copy:

Double the Spideys
Why play as one Spider-Man when you can play as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales? Seamlessly switch between both Spider-Men to cover more ground as they protect Marvel’s New York. And, if you run into the other Spider-Man while fighting crime, you can perform a tag-team takedown! Each Spider-Man is playable and has their own story arc, powers, and Spidey suits. Speaking of suits…

Put on Your Favorite Suit
The Marvel’s Spider-Man video game franchise is well-known for excellent suit design. From the iconic Advanced Suit to the quirky Bodega Cat Suit (featuring Spider-Man the Cat), suits allow you to feel like you can express your personality through the Spider-Men. Well, hold on to your Spider-Cat masks because, in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there are over 60 different Spidey suits between Peter and Miles PLUS color variant options on almost all of the suits—giving you even more style options to choose from. Why not explore and find your favorite?

Meet The Super-Heroes’ Super Supporters
Finding your strength with the help of your community is a core part of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Our Spider-Men are stronger with each other but also have their support systems to keep them strong.

  • Mary Jane “MJ” Watson: Peter’s long-time girlfriend and reporter for the Daily Bugle, she is smart, cunning, and willing to go to extraordinary lengths to save Marvel’s New York and the world.
  • City Councilwoman Rio Morales: Not only is she a dedicated community leader, but she is also Miles’ mother. Miles knows he is nothing without her support.
  • Harry Osborn: Peter’s best friend since high school is back from a crippling illness with a new lease on life. Now, he wants to recruit Peter to help him heal the world.
  • Ganke Lee: The voice in Miles’ ear, Ganke can whip up a solution to a problem in no time, helping both of our Spider-Men protect the city.

Battle Super Villains
Iconic Super Heroes need iconic Super Villains and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has plenty of those, each one intimidating in their own right!

  • Kraven the Hunter: Kraven and his band of Hunters have arrived in Marvel’s New York under mysterious circumstances. Presumably, he’s there to hunt but what... or who?
  • The Lizard: Dr. Curt Connors has transformed into the imposing Lizard. Can the Spider-Men catch him in time before he wreaks havoc on Marvel’s New York?
  • Sandman: He’s large, strong, angry, and very... sandy.
  • Venom: The terrifying symbiote will test the Spider-Men in ways they didn’t even know possible.

THWIP and Soar Around an Expanded Marvel’s New York
No Spider-Man experience is complete without web-swinging through Marvel’s New York. With more of the city to explore (areas like Brooklyn, Coney Island, and Queens), there are more opportunities to swing in style. In addition, the Spider Suits for our heroes have been updated with Web Wings. Find a tunnel and soar through buildings, over the water, and into the skies.

Buy and play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 only on PlayStation 5!