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Marvel Launches All-New Marvel Unlimited App

By Zach Johnson

Marvel Unlimited really lives up to its name!

Today, Marvel relaunched its award-winning digital comics subscription service, Marvel Unlimited. The fan-favorite app offers members access to over 29,000 issues of classic and newer titles. From the roots of Marvel’s iconic characters to the ever-evolving universe behind its blockbuster films, games, and series, the app boasts over 80 years of storytelling!

marvel unlimited

Want to follow all the adventures of your favorite Super Heroes and Villains? Need a curated reading guide? Curious about a comic creator? Marvel Unlimited has you covered!

That’s not all! As part of the relaunch, Marvel Unlimited is also introducing its exclusive Infinity Comics: full screen high-resolution vertical comics designed for phone and tablet. There are currently 27 Infinity Comics available on the app, with over 100 issues planned by the end of 2021. The comics, which live in universe, come from top Marvel creators including Gerry Duggan, Geoffo, Dax Gordine, Jonathan Hickman, Declan Shalvey, Nathan Stockman, Kelly Thompson, Lucas Werneck, Alyssa Wong, and Skottie Young, among others. Infinity Comics will feature series including Amazing Fantasy, Black Widow, Captain America, Deadpool, Giant-Size Little Marvels, It’s Jeff, Shang-Chi, Venom/Carnage, and X-Men Unlimited. Take a peek at just a few of the Infinity Comics covers in the gallery below:

“The goal for Marvel Unlimited has always been to provide the best digital experience for our fans by giving them direct access to all of their favorite Marvel comics,” says Dan Buckley, President of Marvel Entertainment. “With this relaunch, we’re bringing fans an even richer experience with Marvel stories designed in a vertical format for the first time. Our new Infinity Comics give our creators a chance to tell stories in entirely new ways, and we’re looking forward to connecting our fans to those stories in the months to come.”

Marvel, working with Technology teams in Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution (DMED), is relaunching Marvel Unlimited with new capabilities to dramatically improve how fans discover and read comics. The app now offers unlimited downloads, so fans can dive into new stories anytime and anywhere. The app also features best-in-class speed and search tools, greater stability, and personalized reading guides based on user preferences. Other new additions include content sharing capabilities outside of the app, an annual plan app subscription option, and new comic titles added weekly. New titles are added as soon as three months after they’re in stores.

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“These updates and a focus on personalization will allow us to reach a new generation of Marvel fans and enhance the experience of current fans,” says Doug Vance, VP of Product and Marketing, DMED Technology. “When we redesign apps like this from the ground up, we align with business goals of our different partners and subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Company with the ultimate goal of growing our audience and digital subscriptions while also delivering an even more visually immersive experience.”

Marvel Unlimited, available to download on both iOS and Android, now has multiple subscription tiers for members to choose from. There is a monthly tier for $9.99, an annual subscription for $69/year, and an annual plus subscription for $99/year. The new annual plus subscription comes with the benefits included in monthly and annual tiers, as well as an exclusive membership kit, invites to in-person events, and 10% off Marvel Insider loyalists will also benefit from the new in-app integration. Members can earn points, see their progress as they consume, and get rewarded for returning to the app.

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