Ink and Paint artists

Ink and Paint Artists Remember Tea Time at the Disney Studio

The holiday season offers the perfect time to sit back and reflect on favorite memories from days gone by. And for the generations of artists and staff members of the Disney Studio, there are many great tales to recall.

There was the especially busy December of 1939, when the Studio was hard at work finishing one of the most technically complicated animated films of all time—Pinocchio. That memorable Christmas Eve, Walt Disney, reportedly, burst through the doors of the Inking and Painting Department in a porkpie hat, pushing a cart filled with wrapped presents for the artists, sharing cheer and appreciation during an especially taxing season.

At D23’s Art of Disney Animation—Featuring Pinocchio event in September, D23 Members had the opportunity to meet four Ink and Paint artists who recalled other favorite memories from their time at the Disney Studio. Here’s an especially “warming” story about our favorite time of all—tea time!