Concept Images show, from right to left, Disneyland Paris and its transformative concept for Disney Adventure World, currently known as Walt Disney Studios Park

Explore Disney Adventure World: Disneyland Paris’ Brand-New Creative Vision for Second Park

By Alison Stateman

Disney Parks fans are sure to say “ooh la la” when they witness the brand-new creative vision for Disneyland Paris, including an expansive update to its second park, unveiled during an immersive presentation Friday before an audience of 1,000 fans and cast members.

To celebrate this fresh chapter, Walt Disney Studios Park will be renamed Disney Adventure World when World of Frozen, a new immersive area dedicated to the magical world of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen, comes to life, bordering a majestic bay. This is the third Disney Park iteration of the beloved film and follows the opening of World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and upcoming debut of Frozen Kingdom as part of the new Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea.

When Walt Disney Studios Park opened in 2002, the original idea driving the creation of the second park was to give guests a behind-the-scenes look into the making of movies, animated feature films, and television shows. The park concept has since evolved creatively to offer more immersive worlds, and in 2007 it embarked on an exciting expansion journey with the launch of multiple large-scale, immersive projects like The Twilight Zone™ Tower of Terror, Toy Story Playland, and Ratatouille: The Adventure.

“Today, we are changing the story of Walt Disney Studios Park, evolving from ‘how it’s done’ soundstages to celebratory theaters and adventures that come to life in immersive worlds,” said Tom Fitzgerald, Walt Disney Imagineering Chief Storytelling Executive and Senior Creative Executive for Disneyland Paris. “These fully realized adventure worlds will become the focus of the park’s new identity and appear as realms that guests discover as they navigate deeper within the park and are invited to participate in adventures inspired by our most beloved stories.”

Concept art for World of Frozen at the newly imagined Disney Adventure World showcases the village of Arendelle with its colorful facades and remarkable North Mountain as it gradually comes into view.

World of Frozen will be located on the edge of Adventure Bay, a 70,000-cubic-meter body of water surrounded by picturesque banks and a promenade at the heart of the park expansion, serving as a gateway to the new themed universes that will surround it. More than a scenic icon, Adventure Bay will serve as a unique entertainment stage with a 360-degree viewing area. It will be fitted with the latest technologies to provide exciting water-based entertainment, complete with fountains, music, lights, and special effects that are sure to delight guests.

The resort has seen an unprecedented number of projects brought to life to reinvigorate the guest experience and make the Disneyland Paris Resort a must-visit destination. One of the top priorities of this exceptional transformation plan—coming to fruition thanks to a two-billion-euro investment—is a complete makeover of Walt Disney Studios Park while continuing to expand its footprint with new themed areas that will join Marvel Avengers Campus, which welcomed its very first recruits back in 2022, and Worlds of Pixar. At the end of its expansion journey, the soon-to-be-renamed park will have roughly doubled its footprint and become a can’t-miss experience for an all-day getaway.

Transformations at the second park at Disneyland Paris to begin this month include revamping the entrance area to immerse guests in the brand-new story as soon as they enter, as seen in this concept image featuring a glowing neon marquee reading “Disney Theater World Premieres” amid an expansive promenade.

Beginning this month, the park’s transformation work will extend to the entrance area to immerse guests in the brand-new story as soon as they step inside. After passing through the turnstiles, guests will be transported into a vibrant, contemporary open-air movie studio before becoming special guests of a glamorous film premiere in the heart of Hollywood on a starry night. To bring this all-new immersive experience to life, the interior décor of the “soundstage,” which currently depicts a filming scene on Hollywood Boulevard, will be replaced with crafted décor that pays homage to historic movie theaters in Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole. The new entrance building, renamed World Premiere, will reopen in Spring 2025.

A concept image shows the all-new family attraction Raiponce Tangled Spin. Guests awaiting their turn stand watching guests enjoy spinning amid canoe-shaped ride vehicles as twinkling lanterns glow above the enclosed outdoor attraction.

To gain access to the park’s immersive worlds, guests will be able to walk along Adventure Way, a beautiful promenade surrounded by lush landscape and themed gardens—the perfect spot for magical daydreams. As guests wander through this enchanting area, they will discover Raiponce Tangled Spin, an all-new family attraction offering a fun take on a classic ride, inspired by the beloved Disney Animation movie Tangled. It will invite guests to “take a spin” through the iconic floating lanterns scene that has touched the hearts of viewers of all ages.

While the ongoing transformation of the park is sure to take the guest experience to an entirely new level, the entire resort will continue to elevate its offerings in the coming years.