Freaky Friday

EXCLUSIVE: Listen to “No More Fear” from Freaky Friday

By Nicole Nalty

Fans of Freaky Friday, rejoice! Whether you’ve been a fan since the publication of Mary Rodger’s 1972 novel or the debut of the 1977 feature adaptation, or if you discovered the hilarious hijinks with the release of the 1995 television movie or the 2003 feature film, get ready to celebrate the story in a whole new way with a brand-new musical based on the classic story. While we eagerly await its arrival in La Jolla (join us for a performance and special post-show chat!), our friends at Disney Music are giving us a first listen at one of the songs created for the musical!

“No More Fear,” sung by Emma Hunton as Katherine, the mother, in her daughter Ellie’s body, (freaky, right?) is a pivotal moment for Katherine to inspire her daughter to be bold and move through life without fear.

Take a listen below and pre-order the album here. Digital Redemption is available Feb 10 and Physical CD is available March 17.