Jenna Ortega as Harley Diaz, from Stuck in the Middle is wearing a red zip-up bathing suit vest top with black mesh around the shoulders and black shorts while her hair is in a ponytail, resting on her shoulder. She is smiling at a man who is in a red and gray running jacket while he is bent over, talking to her, at her height. There are preteens behind them in bathing suits.

Everywhere You Can Find Jenna Ortega in the Worlds of Disney

By Emily Hewitt

From being an average middle child from a not-so-average-sized family to voicing a princess, Jenna Ortega has made several appearances in Disney shows and films. In honor of Hispanic & Latin American Heritage Month, here is a tally of Disney entertainment that Ortega, who is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent, has been featured in:

1. Stuck in the Middle
Being the middle child is never easy, especially in a family of seven children, or at least that’s what Harley Diaz (Jenna Ortega) would say. In this series, Harley must navigate the challenges of being part of a large family as she tries to stand out.  Watch her family learn that they can accomplish anything if they stick together in all 3 seasons of Stuck in the Middle on Disney+.

2. Iron Man 3
Before Ortega starred in Stuck in the Middle, she was the Vice President’s daughter in Iron Man 3. While Vice President Rodriguez (Miguel Ferrer) tries to overthrow the government with Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), he hopes Killian’s nanotechnology, Extremis, that rewrites DNA, can cure Ortega’s character of her disability. Watch the third installment of this epic Marvel trilogy on Disney+.

3. Bizaardvark
Bizaardvark follows best friends Paige (Olivia Rodrigo) and Frankie (Madison Hu) who get invited to produce videos at an influential studio after reaching 10,000 subscribers on their online comedy channel, Bizaardvark. But before Frankie and Paige were besties, Paige was friends with Izzy (Jenna Ortega). When Izzy comes to visit, Paige is jealous of how well Frankie and Izzy get along. Watch the drama unfold in the Season 2 episode “The BFF (Before Frankie Friend),” of this series on Disney+.

4. Elena of Avalor
Not only has Ortega been featured in live-action Disney shows, but she has also voiced animated characters. In Elena of Avalor, she voices Princess Isabel who must help her oldest sister, Princess Elena (Aimee Carrero), learn how to rule Avalor after their parents and kingdom were taken from them by evil sorceress, Shuriki. Watch all 3 seasons full of magical adventures on Disney+.

4. Big City Greens
Ortega lends her voice talents to the animated comedy-adventure series Big City Greens, which follows the offbeat adventures of Cricket Green, a mischievous and optimistic country boy who moves to the city with his wildly out of place family. Cricket’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm lead him and his family on epic journeys and into the hearts of his new neighbors. Ortega voices Gabriella Espinosa, a love interest and eventual girlfriend of Cricket. Watch this hit animated series on Disney+, in which Ortega’s character first appears in Season 1 Episode “Valentine’s Dance.”