The logo for the X-Men Hellfire Gala, which consists of three character images formatted together to create an “X” with negative space surrounding them. The characters include Storm, Colossus, and Mystique, all dressed in formalwear. Beside the characters is the text “D23 The Official Disney Fan Club Presents X-Men Hellfire Gala” on a grey background. The name of the event is presented in blocky, stylized text with the word “X-Men” in gold, and the remaining title in blue.

Everything to Know about the X-Men Hellfire Gala

By Jocelyn Buhlman

It’s almost time for the most powered-up party of the summer: the X-Men Hellfire Gala! Mutants—and D23 Members—from across the multiverse are gathering this weekend from on-page to in-person in San Diego, CA, for the first time ever... celebrating this year’s X-Men comics Hellfire Gala along with the 60th anniversary of the X-Men! Whether you’re preparing to dazzle with your Dazzler cosplay or are keeping up with the mutant mayhem from home, stay up to date on all things Hellfire Gala with the help of our friends at!

What is the Hellfire Gala?
The Hellfire Gala is the biggest mutant celebration in the Marvel Universe—but what does that mean, exactly? You can read the full comics history of this annual can’t-miss event here, and watch a trailer for the comics’ 2023 Hellfire Gala here.

Where is the Hellfire Gala?
Okay, so we know D23’s real-life Hellfire Gala is happening in San Diego, but where do the mutants gather in the comics to strut their stuff?

Krakoa is a living island that has agreed to be a safe haven for mutants, making it the perfect location for the Hellfire Gala. Called “The Island that Walks Like a Man,” Krakoa is believed to have developed transmutations thanks to nearby nuclear experiments. In the past, Krakoa has battled against our favorite heroes, but now the island has entered a new era of safety for mutantkind. Learn more about the history of Krakoa on, and watch a video about the island here. 

What kind of fashions are worn at the Hellfire Gala?
This is one of the most fashionable events in Marvel Comics, so you just can’t miss the epic looks featured at Galas of Marvel’s past. Check out a gallery of 2022’s Hellfire Gala fashions here, and 2021’s looks here. This year’s Gala doesn’t just include our favorite mutants—Marvel heroes from across the universe are also coming to party, including Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Moon Knight, and more! Check out a gallery of their best looks here.

For more on past Hellfire Gala fashion, you can check out’s roundup of the X-Men’s most fashionable moments here.

How can I participate from home?
Want to show your super-fly fashion but can’t make it to San Diego? Fear not: Marvel has prepared the perfect alternative: Downloadable video call backgrounds to put you on the green carpet from home! With 13 backgrounds to choose from, you can show off your style, share your allegiance, and be part of the fun no matter where you are.