Deadpool, masked here in a red and black costume, peeks his head over a snowy tree trunk. He is outside in a snowy forest, looking directly into the camera.

Every Epic Disney Trailer from the Big Game

By the D23 Team

Yesterday, fans across the countries gathered around their TVs, full of anticipation. For some, they were raptly watching the Big Game and rooting for their favorite team. For Disney fans, what matters are the moments between the game, when epic new trailers debuted to give us first looks at a number of highly anticipated movies.

Deadpool & Wolverine
This movie is intended for Mature Audiences
We finally got a first look—and the official title!—of the third film in the Deadpool franchise. Of course, the most exciting part of the trailer for many Marvel fans is the titular pair of two iconic X-Men characters: Deadpool and Wolverine. But there’s so much more that the trailer reveals, from new and returning characters to surprising twists and turns.

The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes
The newest film in the epic Planet of the Apes story takes us to a future where apes are the dominant species, forcing humans to live in the shadows. This new trailer dives deeper into the new characters and the conflict they face—can apes and humans live in harmony again? And what will those in power do to stop them? Take a look at the trailer to see the action for yourself!

“Well Said” Disney+ Spot
It’s a simple video, but it has a lot to say. Disney+ celebrates some of our favorite quotes from across the worlds of Disney, ending with a shoutout to a certain highly anticipated movie that we could say is about to enter its Disney+ era