A person with fake nails featuring yellow french tips and red horizontal lines, is holding 4 playing cards in their hands. The front card has Moana on it with her name written under her pictures and a blurb titled We Can Fix It underneath. The card behind this card says Mikey on it and the rest of the card is hidden behind the Moana one. The two other cards are eligible as they are behind the Mikey card. On the table that the hands rest on is a card with Mickey on it and there is another card flipped over to reveal to the back of the card which is black, has a 4 point star in the middle of it with a circle around it, and pink and white swirls around the circle. There is a red, yellow, and green tint on the table.

Disney Lorcana TGC Is Out Now! Watch The New Trailer

By the D23 Team

The Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game is out now! Are you ready to step into the role of an Illumineer? You can wield six magical inks to summon beloved Disney characters as “glimmers.” Some glimmers will appear as familiar friends, some in fantastical forms. Join your team of glimmers and explore the captivating “inklands” of Lorcana as you go on a quest to collect valuable lore before it falls into other hands.

Are you ready to discover the realm of Lorcana alongside one of our Illumineers?

Disney Lorcana TCG is now at local game stores! Ready to start playing? Check out step-by-step how-to-play videos here. These videos were especially created for new players to learn the game!