Text announcement image that reads “Disney Collect! Villains Week October 24-28” with the Disney Collect! logo in the top right corner.

Disney Collect! by Topps – Villains Week

By Sarah Sterling

Disney Villains have invaded Disney Collect! by Topps for five fiendish days of collectable fun, celebrating some of these wonderfully wicked characters in preparation of Halloween! Villains Week began Monday, October 24, and continues through Friday, October 28—with special releases, new avatars, and more!

Three Hocus Pocus themed cards sitting in a row. The one on the far left is a deep green color with animated versions of the new teenager trio from Hocus Pocus 2. Behind them is text that reads “Be Your Own Kind of Magic.” In the middle is a card featuring animated Winnie, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson against a lime green background, with a looming full moon above them. Below the sisters is a purple banner that reads “The Sanderson Sisters.” On the right is a beige-colored card featuring the Sandersons holding their hands up to the sky; below them is a black banner that reads “Amuck! Amuck! Amuck!”

  • 10/23 – Hocus Pocus 2 Collection
    • The Sanderson Sisters have returned to Disney Collect!

A set of five character cards featuring different Disney Villains. In order from left to right are Gaston, Lady Tremaine, Mother Gothel, Maleficent, and Jafar.

  • 10/24 – Disney Villains Collection 2022
    • This comprehensive collection highlights Disney Villains from decades of classic animated films and includes special Motion Cards!

Grungy, editorial posters featuring three Disney Villains. On the left is a black and white poster featuring Scar that reads “Long Live the King.” In the middle is a hot pink version of the Evil Queen from Snow White that reads “You know the penalty if you fail.” On the right is Cruella de Vil colored in red and black against a yellow background with text that says, “Absolutely beastly.” 

  • 10/25 – Vogue Villains
    • To become an iconic Disney Villain, it’s not good enough to just be bad. One must also be bold and ambitious with an unforgettable sense of flair: qualities emphasized in the stylish “Vogue Villains” Collection in Disney Collect! by Topps®. 

Four graffiti type posters featuring Hades, the Evil Queen’s poison apple, a trio of Cruella, Maleficent, and Ursula, and Jafar’s snake staff.

  • 10/26 – Sinister Street Art Collection
    • The Disney Villains put a new twist on the phrase “mean streets” in this collection of vibrant, modern artwork!

Four cards in a row. Far left is green and reads “Wreaking Havoc.” Next is a purple and yellow image of Scar jumping towards the viewer and it reads “Unleashed Fury.” Next is a purple, red, and blue card with a white outline of Cruella De Vil. And on the far right is a very retro pink and green image of the Evil Queen that reads “Queen of the Dark Arts.”

  • 10/27 – Throwback Thursday – Faces of Evil
    • Throwback Thursday brings the chance to collect previously released cards, sometimes with new twists! Be sure to check back to see which Sets are featured this week!

Stylized cards featuring King Candy, the Old Hag, Captain Hook, and Scar.

  • 10/28 – Villainous Visions Collection
    • Collect an array of cards featuring captivating portrayals of your favorite Disney Villains in this exciting Collection!

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