Darkness Descends Series Maleficent Doll

Commemorating 100 years of Disney comes the first in a brand-new series from Mattel Creations. This special collector-edition Maleficent doll has been captured in the midst of her transformation from fiendish fairy to fire-breathing dragon, exclusive to Mattel Creations.

In the years since the 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty was released, Maleficent has become one of the most wickedly loved Disney Villains. With majestic dragon wings and green flames engulfing her scaly black and purple gown, Prince Philip would do well to heed her warning—Maleficent will not go down without a fiery fight.

The design team set out to create the most spellbinding version of Maleficent ever seen. Every intricate detail captures her fearsomely evil essence.

The Disney Collector Darkness Descends SeriesTM Maleficent Doll released April 28, 2023, at 9 a.m. PT. Learn more here!