Play Disney Animal Mix-Up with the Stars of Upside-Down Magic

By the D23 Team

What happens when you cross a dragon with a kitten? You get a “dritten.”

You’ll get to see exactly what a “dritten” looks like when the new Disney Channel Original Movie Upside-Down Magic premieres Friday, July 31, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The film follows best friends Nory Boxwood (Izabela Rose) and Reina Carvajal (Siena Agudong) as they enter the Sage Academy for Magical Studies. Reina’s expert ability to harness the power of fire lands her at the top of her class of Flares. Meanwhile, Nory’s wonky magic—and tendency to turn into herself into a “dritten” instead of a “normal cat”—lands her in a class for those with “Upside-Down Magic.” In celebration of Nory’s unique talents, we combined a series of Disney animal characters into one and challenged Rose and Agudong to identify their origins. Play along as you watch the video, and don’t forgot to watch Upside-Down Magic!