Elsa stands with her arms outstretched, sparkly magic surrounding her as she sings inside her ice palace.

Celebrate 10 Years of Disney’s Frozen with 10 Cool Products

By Jennifer Chalifoux

Disney’s Frozen is celebrating its 10th anniversary on November 27. That’s 10 years of thrilling adventures, warm hugs, and icy fun!

Whether you grew up with this beloved tale or grew to love the film’s incredible soundtrack, we will never forget the way Frozen took the world by (snow) storm as a global phenomenon. As we celebrate this exciting anniversary, we can’t forget to say “thank you” to YOU— the wonderful fans!

With Frozen news happening all month long, check out 10 cool products to kick off the celebration!

A girl poses in a costume inspired by Elsa’s snow queen gown from Frozen

After the movie Frozen made its debut on the big screen in 2013, Elsa-inspired costumes quickly became one of the most popular items among kids and adults alike. With the Frozen Elsa Snow Queen Gown Classic Girls Costume from Disguise, young fans can dress as their favorite Queen in Elsa’s stunning, icy blue, sparkling dress!

A plushie of Olaf, a snowman composed of two snowballs for his body and one large snowball for his head. He has stick arms and hair, coal buttons and eyes, and a carrot nose.

If you like warm hugs, you will absolutely love the Olaf Weighted Plush—perfect for hugs at nap time, bedtime, travel time, and beyond. His super-soft body features felt hair and arms, and a removable 2.5-pound weight to take your daily stress and help you let it go! The story of sisters Anna and Elsa wouldn’t be the same without their adorable pal. This weighted plush and more Frozen-inspired fun can be found at select retail locations at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, and on shopDisney.

Dolls of Anna and Elsa, in their outfits from Frozen, beside their collectors box. The box is deep blue with snowflakes on the left-hand side and the lower right corner. A faint image of a snowflake sits on the center of the box, with the logo for Disney Frozen on top of it.

 Mattel has added new characters to an already stunning line of Disney Collector Dolls! The Frozen 10th Anniversary Disney Collector Anna & Elsa Dolls were inspired by the special bond between sisters Anna and Elsa in the film. In this collector set, Anna and Elsa are garbed in their iconic introductory outfits and styled braids. Anna is dressed in a satin and metallic woven dress with a winter cape and fur-trimmed hat, while Elsa shows off a sparkling detailed icy blue satin gown and cape. The specially designed collector’s box features the Disney Collector logo and recognizable Frozen colors. 

A young girl plays with small dolls, two of Anna, two of Elsa, and three of Olaf. She is removing one of the Elsas into a blue, translucent tube.

Knock, knock, knock-knock, knock. We might not have enough snow right now to build a snowman but come on—let’s go and play! Just like Elsa’s powers, kids can use their own powers to reveal Anna, Elsa, or Olaf in this exciting playset. The Disney Frozen Snow Color Reveal from Mattel features six surprises in every set, including one beloved Frozen character. The package lid is also a fun hair accessory for everyday wear!

The LEGO set and box for a scene featuring Anna, Elsa, and Olaf playing in an ice castle with several small snowmen.

Young Frozen fans will find joy in building the LEGO Disney Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Wonderland building set from the LEGO Group. Featuring Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, this set is perfect for kids to role-play their favorite Frozen stories with friends. Its revolving dance floor and hidden treasure chest are sure to inspire creativity!

A Funko POP! Vinyl figure of Elsa, wearing her blue dress from the original Frozen movie and holding out her arms as if she is manipulating ice.  

There are some incredible Frozen-inspired toys and collectibles available just in time for the 10th anniversary celebration, including Pop! Elsa by Funko. It’s the perfect addition to any Disney collection, which also celebrates The Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary!

A purple and blue backpack featuring an illustration of Elsa using her ice powers behind Anna, who is standing with her hands on her hips.Add a flurry of excitement to your wardrobe with a new Frozen-inspired accessory! The Frozen Loungefly Mini Backpack is a beautiful bag for any Frozen fan, featuring 3D appliqués of Anna and Elsa in front of Elsa’s ice castle. Silver foil snowflakes and other winter designs decorate the exterior, while the interior is lined with a snowflake print pattern. This bag is available at select retail locations at Walt Disney World Resort, and on shopDisney.

Two girls stand together, holding hands and leaning on each other’s shoulders. One girl is wearing a cape and dress inspired by Anna, while the other girl is wearing a light blue dress inspired by Elsa.

Janie and Jack’s new Frozen-inspired collection of winter wear is made for everyone with fearless style. The Disney Frozen Velvet Tulle Dress is inspired by Anna with embroidered gold details and puff sleeves.

Two dolls are posed as if they are ice skating, each wearing white ear muffs, white dresses with glitter accents, and white ice skates.

The Disney ILY 4EVER Dolls collection has two special friends inspired by Olaf. These ice-skating stars are ready for any icy adventure with their fluffy earmuffs and skates. Inspired by Olaf Dolls are available now, only at Target.

The cover of the book All Is Found: A Frozen Anthology, which features the title in white text in front of an Illustration of Anna and Elsa standing back-to-back against a blue background.

Anna and Elsa share a lot of adventures together, but a new book tells original untold tales from the sisters’ childhood. All Is Found: A Frozen Anthology features creative stories by 10 authors to celebrate 10 years of Frozen. In this book, available now for pre-order, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Sven journey together through the Frozen universe while greeting old friends and making new ones.

To shop Frozen-inspired merchandise from this post and more, visit select Disney Parks retail locations, shopDisney, and other retailers.

Can’t get enough of Disney’s Frozen ahead of this anniversary celebration? We have bonus entertainment for you!

An illustration of Anna and Elsa looking at something off-screen. Above them, against a background of blue diamonds, is the text Disney Frozen Podcast. Below them is a light blue bar with the text Forces of Nature

Recently announced, Disney Publishing Worldwide, in collaboration with ABC Audio and Walt Disney Animation Studios have launched the Disney Frozen Podcast: Forces of Nature. This original podcast extends the storytelling of the beloved Walt Disney Animation Studios film as an audio-first offering, complete with new characters and a standalone adventure set after the events of Frozen 2. Fans can listen to Forces of Nature on their favorite podcast listening platform now.

The Arendelle racing environment from Disney Speedstorm, featuring a road flanked by giant spikes of ice. Ahead of the road is the Arendelle Castle.

Plus, fans can ice out the competition in the new Frozen-inspired season featuring all-new racers, cosmetics, and Arendelle racing environment—coming this holiday season to Disney Speedstorm!