Pepé the King Prawn, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Kermit, Gonzo, and Animal pose together against a white background. Everyone is looking at the camera except for Miss Piggy, who looks at Kermit, and Fozzie, who is reacting to Animal stealing his hat.

QUIZ: Which Muppet is Your Style Inspiration?

By Jocelyn Buhlman

Nobody expresses themselves better than the Muppets! The beloved gang of wacky weirdos includes everything from rock stars to monsters to… uh… whatever is going on with Gonzo. When it comes to our personal self-expression, we could learn a thing or two from this bunch of fuzzy fashionistas. If you’ve been looking for a new style icon to inspire your daily outfits, look no further! It’s time to play the music! It’s time to light the lights! It’s time to take this quiz and find out which stylish Muppet you’re most like:

It’s showtime! What is your role?

You’re going to a glamorous movie premiere. What’s your red-carpet style?

I can never leave the house without…

What’s your go-to Halloween costume?

What feature are you most known for?

Describe your style in one word

You’re going to a Disney Park! What’s your must-wear accessory?

What’s your fashion mantra?

Pick a line from “The Rainbow Connection”

Someone calls you a WEIRDO!! What do you say back?

Which Muppet is Your Style Inspiration?
Your style inspiration is… Janice!

Janice stands with her arms outstretched, looking up. She wears a floral tank top, rainbow bracelet, and purple hat.

You’re like, totally groovy, and your style shows it! Just like Janice, you radiate good vibes wherever you go, and you’ve cultivated a style with a lot of positive energy. Your style is fun colors, playful textures, and anything that makes you feel happy when you look at it.
Your style inspiration is… Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy strikes a pose with one hand on her hip and one hand against her head. She wears a black coat with leopard print accents, a pearl necklace, purple gloves, and a large ring.

No one can ever quite compare to Miss Piggy, but with your fabulous fashion you’re certainly a close second. You don’t just dress to impress… you dress to win! Being stylish is a competition and you are turning heads in every room you enter. You’ve never met a diamond, sequin, or statement piece you didn’t like.
Your style inspiration is… Gonzo!

Look, we don’t know how else to put it: You’re a weirdo… and you dress like one. That’s okay, though, because that means you’re just like The Great Gonzo—so, you’re proud to be your stylishly strange self. You love big, bold patterns and clashing colors and you don’t care if you stand out in a crowd! Others may say, “Woah, there’s a lot going on in your outfit,” but you know that it will make you easier to spot when you’re shot into the sky via cannon.
Your style inspiration is… Kermit!

Kermit the Frog stands with hands behind his back in a headshot-style photo with a white background.

It’s not easy being stylish, but just like Kermit, you make it look easy. You figured out your signature style a long time ago and have been rocking it ever since. For Kermit, it’s his collar, which he’s been wearing since the ’70s! You’re timeless and classic (and maybe a little stressed out) just like Kermit, and you don’t plan on changing that any time soon.
Your style inspiration is… Rizzo!

Listen, not everyone in the world is obsessed with fashion, okay? Some people just like to be comfortable and focus on the more important things in life: Food! Like Rizzo, you value clothes that make you feel good—if you look good, that’s a bonus. If your outfit doesn’t get in the way of your next round of shenanigans (or next meal), you’re happy. Rats off—er, hats off to you for dressing your way.