Mary Anne Mang

Mary Anne Mang

In 1960, Mary Anne Mang wrote a letter to Walt Disney asking for a job. Walt received many such letters, but just as with Mary Anne herself, there was something special about that letter, and she was offered a position.

Mary Anne began her long and distinguished career in the newly established sales promotion department at the Disneyland Hotel. A year later she moved to Disneyland, and worked in the Convention & Tour Sales department. In 1972, she became the first woman to be promoted to the position of manager.

For eight years, Mary Anne served as Public Relations manager, hosting royalty, celebrities, and other special guests as they visited the Magic Kingdom. She also became a strong advocate for Disneyland Park as a community supporter. “Walt Disney was clear in his wishes that his Park and its cast members should always strive to give something back to the surrounding community,” Mary Anne once recalled. This made community relations an integral part of her role in Public Relations.

One of her notable and personally fulfilling accomplishments was the Disneyland Creativity Challenge Program, which she helped found. This program recognizes junior and senior high school students who are interested in the creative and fine arts disciplines.

Mary Anne was an important participant in the consolidation of all of the employee public service efforts into the company-wide VoluntEARS program, and its mission to develop opportunities for Disney employees to contribute their time, expertise, and effort to make a positive impact on the community, while furthering the traditions and ideals of The Walt Disney Company.

In addition to her responsibilities at Disneyland, Mary Anne was dedicated to serving her community in other capacities. She served on the board of directors of several Orange County civic organizations, including the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, Boys & Girls Club of Anaheim, and the Volunteer Center of Greater Orange County. She has also been a member of a number of local councils and committees, including the Anaheim Arts Council, Anaheim Chamber of Commerce Women’s Division, Anaheim Memorial Hospital Medical Center Governing Board, and Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Mary Anne retired from the company in 1994. On that occasion, California Congressman Robert K. Dornan said, “Throughout her entire career, Mary Anne Mang has exhibited extraordinary leadership, skill, and professionalism. She has been a wonderful role model for her coworkers and an exemplary inspiration and role model to us all. I sincerely hope that her influence will linger at Disney and in her community and that her future holds as many joyful and fulfilling days as her past.”