These Two Festive Mocktails from Eater’s Guide to the World will be the Apple of Your Eye

By the D23 Team

Our friends at Hulu’s Eater’s Guide to the World have shared two delicious mocktail recipes from McMenamins, a brewery featured on the series. Enjoy the sweet taste of apples in these two drinks, which are perfect for staying warm and feeling refreshed on cool winter’s day.

Crab Apple Toddy Mocktail
In a coffee glass, add:
1 tsp. honey
.5 oz. fresh lemon
1 oz. B Street Crab Apple Shrub drinking vinegar
Fill with hot water

The Crabby Apple Mocktail
Featuring McMenamins B Street Crab Apple Shrub
1 oz. B Street Crab Apple Shrub drinking vinegar
Fill w/ hot apple cider
Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg


McMenamins is featured in episode 1 (“Dining Alone in the Pacific Northwest”) of Eater’s Guide to the World. Join narrator Maya Rudolph in the Pacific Northwest and explore the best part of dining solo—not having to share any of the juicy pork steak, soba noodles, and piping hot fried chicken. All episodes of Eater’s Guide to the World are now streaming, only on Hulu.

About McMenamins B Street Crab Apple Shrub:
Drinking Vinegar
If you combined spring and fall in a glass, this would be it—the sweet-tartness B Street Crab Apple Shrub brings to mind spring’s crabapple blossoms and crisp, ripe autumn fruit. Blended with warm spices and raw apple cider vinegar, the result adds a bright note to cocktails.

This shrub is available seasonally at October–February.