Junior Autopia

The Junior Autopia Attraction Opens at Disneyland

It was on this day in 1956 that the Junior Autopia attraction raced into Disneyland, and to tell you more about it, we felt it was appropriate to turn to Bob Gurr, the man who designed AutopiaJunior Autopia, and nearly every vehicle in Disneyland for the park’s first decades. “Since Autopia was so popular, and the north area of Disneyland was so barren after the [Mickey Mouse Club] Circus was removed, Walt added the second Autopia track in that location. Since the original Autopia cars were a bit big for real tiny children, the Junior cars had booster blocks on the gas pedal so they could drive. The cars used on both tracks were otherwise identical.” Today’s longer route Autopia occupies the space of both of those previous Autopia tracks, continuing to delight driver’s of all ages… and no driver’s license is required.