Donald Duck in Modern Inventions

Modern Inventions is Released

This hilarious Donald Duck cartoon, released on this day in 1937, showcases the comic misadventures that take place when a bemused Donald visits the Museum of Modern Marvels. While there, Donald encounters a robot butler, a hitch-hiker’s aid, an automatic bundle-wrapper, a robot nurse maid and, lastly, a mechanical barber chair, an encounter that concludes the short on a hysterical note when Donald is trapped upside down in the chair—and his tail feathers receive the very latest in hair styles. Carl Barks, who was working as an animator at the time, suggested the mechanical barber chair gag—which earned him a move to the Story Department, where he spent the next few years writing Donald Duck cartoon scripts. In 1942, he began his long, illustrious career creating comic books, beginning in 1942 with “Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold.” He was named a Disney Legend in 1991.