photo of entrance to attraction Indiana Lones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Indiana Jones™ Epic Stunt Spectacular! Opens at Disney-MGM Studios

As the Indiana Jones™ Epic Stunt Spectacular! begins, Indiana Jones is spotted falling from above on a rope. He carefully makes his way through an ancient Mayan temple in search of a golden idol, but finds himself in peril amidst deadly obstacles such as sharp metal spikes shooting into the air, where one misstep could mean certain doom. He manages his way to the priceless idol he has been seeking, snatches it, and before long finds himself racing ahead of a giant boulder rolling right at him. When Indy appears to be merely inches in front of the boulder, and perhaps “rolled over,” a voice is suddenly heard, “Oh no! See if he’s okay!” That’s the voice of the director, who then provides a lead-in to a behind-the-scenes look at moviemaking. Many of the most captivating scenes from the first Indiana Jones film are recreated in this 30-minute live stage show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly called Disney-MGM Studio), filled with exciting stunts and special effects. This stunt spectacular, which opened on this day in 1989, is based on the works of George Lucas, but this attraction was not his first presence in Disney parks. He was the executive producer of the Disneyland/Epcot 3D musical Captain EO and the Disneyland/Disney MGM-Studios out-of-this-world attraction Star Tours.