Indian War Canoes at Disneyland

Indian War Canoes Attraction Opens at Disneyland

(Pictured Left to Right, Joe Fowler, Dick Irvine, Bill Cottrell, Vic Greene, George Whitney, Walt Disney, Bill Evans, Ray Miller, Jack Reilly)

The Indian Village at Disneyland provided guests with an authentic look at the Native-American culture. Guests could explore the village, see and peek inside realistic dwellings, purchase authentic crafts at the Trading Post, and even participate in ceremonial dances during regular performances. When it changed location to what is now Critter Country on this day in 1956, the Indian Village saw the addition of the Indian War Canoes, a ride completely powered by oar-bearing Disneyland guests who, with the assistance of a guide would travel around the Rivers of America. Renamed Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes, it remains to this day a motorless attraction, relying on teams of park guests to grab a paddle and quickly become “oar”ganized.