Walt Disney premieres the Story of the Silly Symphony on Disneyland TV

Disneyland TV Show Airs “The Story of the Silly Symphony”

On this day in 1955, “The Story of the Silly Symphony” aired on the Disneyland TV series, which took a look at some of the classic cartoon shorts with Walt Disney explaining how newly learned techniques were later used by his artists on animated features. As was customary with the series, the previous week would have a preview for the following episode. Here’s how this episode was previewed:

“Next week, Walt Disney brings you ‘The Story of the Silly Symphony.’

In The Practical Pig, see the two frivolous brothers captured by the Big Bad Wolf and prepared for roasting by the Three Little Wolves. See the marvelous lie detector invented by the Practical Pig and what it did to the Big Bad Wolf.

You’ll see how the Disney artists studied and drew the Three Orphan Kittens from live models,

a story of three abandoned kittens who found a new home and promptly got into mischief. Follow the exciting adventures of Little Hiawatha as he sets out to explore the forest. In The Old Mill, a haven of safety is threatened by the fury of a storm. Next week, you’ll see the Academy Award®-winning Ferdinand the Bull, based on the best-selling book by Munro Leaf about Ferdinand, who loved to sit quietly under a tree and smell the flowers. ‘The Story of the Silly Symphony,’ next week with Walt Disney in Fantasyland.”