A young girl wearing a baseball jersey is seen holding the Joy and Anxiety plushes celebrating Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2.

Tap Into Your Emotions with Products from Inside Out 2!

By Summer Fishman

Who’s ready to make a new core memory? It’s time to feel all the feels and look stylish while doing so! Whether you’re cuddling up with Joy, reading with Disgust, or playing with all your emotions with Disney Emoji Blitz, tap into your emotions with your friends from Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2!

Dig into your emotions with these awesome products from Disney Store and beyond. And be sure to see the film in theaters on June 14!

  1. Cuddle Up with Your Favorite Emotions!

Whether you need to bring a little Joy into your life, or give Anxiety a reassuring hug,  these soft and cuddly plush inspired by Inside Out 2 will bring you happiness as they go from inside Riley’s head to your heart.

Disney Store Inside Out 2 Plush include:

  1. Inside Out 2 Crossbody Bag

Express your emotions any way you want with this petite crossbody bag from Disney Store featuring a clear front pocket with self-stick fabric patches inside that can be arranged to fit your mood. This cool zip case comes with an adjustable, detachable strap to show your feelings wherever you go!

  1. Inside Out 2 Marble Game

Riley’s ever-changing moods are on a roll with this Marble Run play set inspired by the film. Joy, Disgust, Fear, Sadness, and Anger figurines are among the 93 pieces in this fun set that is assembled to create a colorful course for the marbles. With additional scenic panels and light-up features, it’ll provide an emotional uplift while the marbles travel down. You can find this game at Disney Store as well!

IO2 Loungefly sits on a plain white background. The bag has purple straps, a black base covered with circular images of all nine emotions, and a colorful wheel that features the same characters.

  1. Show Off How You’re Feeling with Loungefly

This simulated leather mini backpack by Loungefly from Disney Store is designed to suit your mood, whatever it happens to be. The novel design features a dial on the front with all the different characters. There’s also an “I feel” arrow at the top, so you can spin the disc around to land on your emotion for the day. It could be Joy, Anger, Sadness, or one of Riley’s new emotions like Embarrassment.

  1. Read About Your New Favorite Feelings from Inside Out 2

 Disney/Pixar Inside Out 2: Go to Sleep, Anxiety! by Luna Chi

Bedtime has never been more fun in this charming picture book inspired by the film.

Disney/Pixar Inside Out 2: All in the Mind by Meredith Rusu

Also based on the film, this humorous and charming middle grade novel retells and expands upon its events!

  1. Play Online with New Emotions!!

We have ALL THE FEELS in Disney Emoji Blitz! The Inside Out 2 Limited Time Clear Event is running now through June 17! Featuring emojis like Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Fear, and more. Plus, don’t miss out on two brand-new emojis from Inside Out 2: Anxiety and Embarrassment! Download on the App Store here.

Happy racing! Disney Speedstorm’s season 8 is now live, featuring all-new Racers from Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out. Play now!

You can find all these products and more at DisneyStore.com, Disney Books, DisneySpeedstorm.com, and the App Store.

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