The Band Concert short

Watch The Band Concert Short to Celebrate 85 Magical Years

By Zach Johnson

Strike up the band!

This weekend marks the 85th anniversary of the classic short film The Band Concert—and you can relive every magical, musical moment by re-watching it today! Originally released on February 23, 1935, The Band Concert was directed by Wilfred Jackson and featured adapted music by Leigh Harline. The Band Concert was a ringing…

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Mickey Mouse

Creating a Mouse-terpiece: Mickey Mouse’s Design Through the Years

By Jocelyn Buhlman

In honor of Mickey Mouse’s birthday, D23 takes you on a journey through the style of Mickey Mouse, from his early moments as a daydream on a train to his transformation into a video game hero, to his debut in his brand-new series of shorts. His design is timeless, but the process to become the icon he is today involved a lot of silly antics and…

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Mickey in his true color debut in 1932's Parade of the Award Nominees

Mickey Mouse Wore Green Shorts and Yellow Gloves In His Color Debut

Mickey’s true color debut came in 1932’s Parade of the Award Nominees, a short film made for that year’s Academy Awards banquet. Wearing green shorts and yellow gloves—a standard color scheme on many toys at the time—Mickey led Minnie, Clarabelle Cow, and the Oscar nominees of 1932 as they marched through a fairytale forest. Marie Dressler (Emma) brought up the…

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Dick Huemer

Dick Huemer

Dick Huemer was a jack of all trades,” Disney Legend Ward Kimball recalled. “He was an animator, and I loved his animation. It was always funny—remember the Duck in The Band Concert with those goddamn whistles? He was a director. He was a story man. And he was a very important sequence story man on Fantasia.”

Richard Martin Huemer was born on January 2,…

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