Hello Cruel Heart

Read an Exclusive Excerpt from Hello, Cruel Heart, A New Original Novel Exploring Cruella’s Teenage Years

By the D23 Team

Before she became Cruella—the iconic Disney villain we love to hate—she was Estella, a 16-year-old girl with big dreams in swinging London, 1967. Her life of petty crime turns into glitz and glamor in this original novel by author Maureen Johnson. Can Estella keep up with the fast lives of the rich and famous, or will she face the price of a…

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Twisted Tales

Discover Megara’s Heroic Journey in this Excerpt from Go the Distance: A Twisted Tale

By The D23 Team

What is the measure of a true hero? In the Disney animated film Hercules, the titular character strives to discover just that, ultimately achieving true hero status but turning away his chance to live as a god on Mt. Olympus so he can be with the woman he loves. But what if he had accepted the offer to become a full Greek god? In Go the Distance: A…

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Early Donald Duck appearance in 1930s Mickey Mouse comic

Donald Duck Arrived in Print Three Years Ealier Than His On-Screen Appearance

Three years before the cantankerous fowl’s first big-screen appearance, Donald Duck’s name popped up as one of Mickey’s barnyard friends in this popular storybook.

As fans of Disney Ducks will tell you, Donald Duck made his first appearance in the 1934 animated short The Wise Little Hen. But three years earlier, in 1931, the name “Donald Duck” appeared…

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