Maleficent as a dragon in Sleeping Beauty

Our Hearts Burn For These Unforgettable Disney Dragons

By D23 Team Dragons have always had a special place in our imaginations. With iconic features such as long necks, sharp claws, and leathery wings, they can be found in stories and art from cultures around the world—always with a unique style, but still undeniably dragons. In honor of Pete’s Dragon, opening in theaters on August …

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Madam Mim Halloween

She Takes Delight in the Gruesome and Grim: It’s Mad Madam Mim

By Jim Fanning Of all Disney’s wonderfully wicked witches, one stands out as the most deliciously demented dame around. Which witch is it, you ask? Well, which witch lives in a cottage so creepy it’s shaped like a pointy hat? Who keeps a bright flower on her windowsill just so she can wilt it? Who …

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