Mickey in his true color debut in 1932's Parade of the Award Nominees

Mickey Mouse Wore Green Shorts and Yellow Gloves In His Color Debut

Mickey’s true color debut came in 1932’s Parade of the Award Nominees, a short film made for that year’s Academy Awards banquet. Wearing green shorts and yellow gloves—a standard color scheme on many toys at the time—Mickey led Minnie, Clarabelle Cow, and the Oscar nominees of 1932 as they marched through a fairytale forest. Marie Dressler (Emma) brought up the…

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Archived Mickey Mouse Short

A Mickey Mouse Short We’re Sure You Don’t Have on a Treasures DVD

We all recall Mickey’s deeds of giant-clobbering glory as the Brave Little Tailor. Not to mention Donald Duck’s trip to Bahia—and Goofy’s super-goofy horseback riding lessons! But how many of us remember Mickey’s battle with a desert bandit? Or Goofy’s goof-ups as a lumberjack? Or Donald’s fight against an ultra-annoying teenage robot?

These cool…

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Alice “Seas” It All

Walt Disney often said that he would “never lose sight of one thing… that it all started with a Mouse.” But while Disney’s biggest success surely began with Mickey, young Walt and a determined crew of animators were making cutting-edge cartoons several years earlier. March 1, 1924 saw the premiere of Alice’s Day at Sea — the second Alice Comedy, the first…

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