10 Years of D23

10 Ways to Celebrate 10 Years of D23

By Jocelyn Buhlman

On March 10 of this year, we’ll be celebrating a very special day: Our tenth anniversary! Since 2009, D23: The Official Disney Fan Club has been the place for fans to celebrate every magical aspect of the worlds of Disney, and this year we’re sprinkling some extra pixie dust on the fun. Check out the list below for 10 ways you can join in our…

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A Very Magical I See 23

We’ve found plenty of hidden 23s in Disney entertainment, but it’s rare to find an actual D23. And even rarer, this one is from before D23: The Official Disney Fan Club existed! You’d almost think that whoever put it there had some kind of magical power…

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D23 Staff Talks About Favorite Disney Fan Moments

Five years ago, D23: The Official Disney Fan Club set out to add more ways for Disney fans to experience the magic. And it’s been a blast bringing people of like minds together in the parks, at the Walt Disney Studios, and many other places across the country. We could have never imagined how just how many once-in-a-lifetime experiences we would share together.


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D23 Officially Launches

Before this day in 2009, Disney had never had an official fan organization. In preparation for its launch, marketing and promotional materials merely asked, “Are you 23?” And so, with thousands of fans gathered at the Shareholders’ Meeting in Oakland, California, Disney President and CEO Bob Iger announced, “We have a fantastic legacy that started in 1923 and is based…

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