D23 Trading Cards featuring Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Experience More at D23 EXPO 2015

If you’re anything like us, you’ve already started to pick which D23 EXPO 2015 events you just cannot miss.
The Muppets panel? Check. Seeing “The Originals” sing from the best of Disney on Broadway? No doubt. Witnessing George Lucas and Susan Lucci (among awesome others) being honored as Disney Legends? Of course! But D23 EXPO isn’t just about the myriad…

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night photo of Haunted Mansion at Disneyland with purple fog

Must-See Haunted Mansion Concept Art

An ominous-looking mansion set adrift in the marshy distance? A ghastly figure hanging in the attic rafters? Ethereal organ music playing to an “empty” ballroom? A ghostly bride beckoning? These, foolish mortals, are some of the all-too-familiar experiences Disney fans have come to expect and embrace in the Haunted Mansion attraction.
this family-friendly fright-fest…

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two production stills from the movie Son of Flubber showing star Fred MacMurray and actor Ken Murray

Fred MacMurray Flies Again in Walt Disney’s Son of Flubber

By Jim Fanning

What are the secret ingredients in a foolproof formula for a hit Disney comedy? Add a beaker of beloved Disney stars like Fred MacMurray and Tommy Kirk, mix in some mixed-up comic circumstances, stir in a test tube of startling special-effects and a vial of Ed Wynn, and the chemical reaction gives you—watch out for the explosive…

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