George Clooney with D23 Member at Tomorrowland Premiere

Tomorrowland Blue Carpet Brings a Special Surprise for D23 Members

Fifty D23 Members and their guests knew they were in for something special when they were selected to cheer along the blue carpet at the premiere of Disney’s Tomorrowland on Saturday, May 9.

The experience of attending a movie premiere is thrilling—celebrities everywhere, camera shutters snapping, video crews and hosts shooting live for entertainment shows. But they didn’t know that they were going to get a very special surprise.

If it wasn’t enough to get to snap some selfies with George Clooney, the members were invited to come inside and watch the movie after the celebrity arrivals ended! These members got to be among the first to see the film, and did it alongside its cast and crew.

It just goes to show: You never know what’s in store at a D23 event!