The entire casts of The Lion King and Frozen stand on stage before taking their final bow for delighted audiences.

D23 Gold Members enjoyed a weekend on Broadway- in Southern California!

By Aleena Malik

D23 Gold Members got to experience the magic of Broadway from sunny Southern California as they enjoyed fantastic productions of The Lion King at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, California, and Frozen at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts.

The fun-filled weekend of fantastic performances began on February 3, 2023, in Los Angeles, California for the opening weekend performance of The Lion King. A story packed with vibrancy, sentiment, and laughs, The Lion King has touched the hearts of many, both on-screen and on-stage, since its release in 1994. The show has had 100+ million audience members worldwide, won 70 major theatre awards internationally, and is the 3rdlongest running Broadway show. We were delighted to give our D23 Gold Members the fantastic opportunity to purchase premium tickets for the opening weekend performance of the iconic show.

Enthusiastic audience members hold up their iconic yellow playbills in front of The Lion King stage at the Hollywood Pantages.

Members had a blast, roaring with laughter and applause at the fantastic portrayals of beloved characters like Simba, Nala, Timone, and Pumba. The excitement of the crowd was no secret, as audience members sang along to the songs they’ve been captivated by on-screen, like Circle of Life and Hakuna Matata. Not only could you hear the crowd singing along, but you could also hear their wonder-filled gasps after every gorgeous scene change and special effect.

The Hollywood Pantages was beautifully lit up for the night, with lots of fun The Lion King signage adorning the building.

When the final bows were taken and the curtain was closed, D23 Gold Members did not have to begin their journeys home. Instead, they got to experience an exclusive talkback with members of The Lion King cast! D23 Members got to hear the inside scoop on the casts’ experiences being in such an iconic production.

After that amazing night, D23 Gold Members got to gear up for another evening of theatrical wonder. On Sunday, February 5, 2023, guests poured into the beautiful Segerstrom Center of the Arts in Costa Mesa, California to enjoy a production of Frozen. The theatre was packed with excited fans of the story of sisterly love, with people of all ages dressed from head-to-toe like their favorite characters. The audience could not be more excited, cheering with excitement when Olaf took the stage and rising from their seats to applaud after Elsa belted Let It Go.

D23 Gold Members chat about the amazing production they just saw as they eagerly await for the talk-back to begin.

When the show concluded and guests began to shuffle out, D23 Gold Members still had fun ahead. D23’s Jenny Garcia hosted an exclusive talkback with members of the cast of the show. D23 Gold Members got to hear fun facts about the cast and how they came to be a part of such a wonderful production. On the stage were Dominic Dorset (Kristoff), Jeremy Davis (Olaf), Will Savarese (Hans), Jack Brewer (Oaken & The Bishop). And much to the audience’s surprise and delight, the uber-talented Caroline Bowman who portrayed the iconic Elsa joined in on the chat as well!

The talented actress who portrayed Elsa in the production provides insight into her role, as D23 members excitedly listen.

On behalf of the D23 Team, we were delighted to bring the Broadway magic to you and give you the chance to experiences classic Disney tales be brought to life in a whole new way!

Cast members of the Frozen production were all smiles while taking a picture with D23 Gold Members after their talk-back.