The lush, green exterior to the attraction Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. In front of the attraction is a sign stylized to appear held up by tall, blossoming flowers. The sign is purple and features the green logo for the attraction.

7 Delicious Details to Spot in Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

By Jocelyn Buhlman

We’re almost there! Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens at the end of the month, and with it comes an all-new story, song, and cast of critter characters for Disney fans to enjoy—that is, when they’re not too busy plunging down a 50-foot drop. Before you start going down the bayou, we’ve got the delicious details on Easter eggs and hidden treasures any sharp-eyed The Princess and the Frog fan will want to spot. Whether you’ll be making a splash on opening day, June 28, or joining us for our D23 Member preview of the attraction, let’s dig a little deeper into our favorite things to find in Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

A part of the bright and colorful mural on the outside of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Walt Disney World. The mural depicts Louis the alligator playing the trumpet amongst a bright, green garden. Music notes come out of his trumpet, on a staff colored in with reds, greens, and yellow. The musical notation surrounds a variety of turnips in the air above him.

1. A Musical Mural

Before you even enter Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, make sure to stop and admire the gorgeous murals painted on the outside of the building. Created by New Orleans-based artist Malika Favorite, the murals are inspired by numerous murals and other works of art that decorate building exteriors throughout New Orleans. One mural in particular holds an Easter egg for the musically astute. Favorite describes the mural to the left of the entrance as Tiana’s garden, where “Louis inspired the garden to grow by adding music.” And what are his gardening grooves of choice? Of course, the music notation depicted in the mural is actual music from the original The Princess and the Frog movie!

Leah Chase sits in a music studio, singing into a microphone with her eyes closed.

2. A Touching Tribute to The Chase Family

Music plays a huge part of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, reflecting the musical nature of the city that inspired it: New Orleans! Terrance Blanchard, who performed the trumpet for Louis in the original film, was tasked with curating the songs you hear in the queue. While all the music pays tribute to the Crescent City, one song in particular stands out. In curating the soundtrack, Blanchard recalls, “Probably the most emotional was working with Leah Chase.” Leah Chase, Jr. is the daughter of Leah Chase, Sr.—who created one of the first African American fine-dining establishments in the country and was one of the inspirations for the character of Tiana herself! The Chase family has been involved with Tiana’s Bayou Adventure from the start, and it’s a wonderful tribute to Leah Chase, Sr. and her family’s influence to feature her daughter singing in the queue. Blanchard recalls the emotional day of recording, explaining, “Leah came in and sang ‘Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?’ and there wasn’t a dry eye in the studio. She did it in one take and that’s all she needed.”

A to-do list written in white chalk on a black chalk board, featuring tasks that characters from The Princess and the Frog need to or have completed before the big Mardi Gras party. Included on the list with the character names are the names Carmen, Charita, and Leah.

3. They’ve Got a Lot to Do!

While you’re tapping your toes to the New Orleans-inspired tunes of the queue, keep an eye out for an Easter egg that names two Walt Disney Imagineers key to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. You can spot Tiana’s to-do list for the big party after you pass her kitchen; many characters we know and love are assigned to tasks to help Tiana out—but amongst those names are two not from the film: Carmen and Charita. Carmen Smith, Senior Vice President, Creative Development – Product/Content & Inclusive Strategies, and Charita Carter, Executive Producer of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, have already checked off a lot on their to-do list to make this party happen… after all, they’re part of the team behind the attraction itself!

Three kids explore the queue for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, leaning on a railing and taking a photo of a plate of beignets that are out of focus in the bottom front of the photo.

4. What’s Cooking?

If you’ve ever wondered just what the recipes are for some of Tiana’s most famous dishes, wonder no more! As you explore the queue, you’ll see Tiana’s father’s gumbo recipe framed along with other family mementos. If you can take your eyes off the delicious beignets in the kitchen for just a second, you’ll also notice Tiana has helpfully written down her beignet recipe on the counter. Didn’t have time to make note of the recipes? You can check out Tiana’s Cookbook,featuring even more tasty treats from Tiana’s world that you can make in your very own kitchen—trumpet-playing alligator not included.

In the finale of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, Princess Tiana sings in front of a colorful building, surrounded by critters performing music. To her right, a rabbit sits on a stair railing, playing a license plate like a washboard.

5. You Auto Spot This Detail

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure introduces us to a whole cast of critters, from frogs to bears to an armadillo with an eye patch. But according to Executive Creative Director Ted Robledo, there’s one critter in particular you need to keep an eye on. He explains, “One of my favorites is called Gritty the rabbit and he plays this washboard—but it’s actually an automobile license plate. We find evidence of this license plate being missing in the queue.” We’d ask Gritty to give it back, but we can’t stop dancing to his infectious tunes! 

A framed black and white photo of Tiana, her father, and her mother

6. Honoring Tiana’s Father

This detail in the queue is especially near and dear to Carter as an Air Force brat. The queue features a variety of photos from Tiana’s life, including many of her beloved father. Carter explains, “From the film we learn that Tiana’s dad was a World War I veteran in the Army. We have photos of him in the queue, and you can see him in his uniform and with Tiana.” For Carter, that detail is “especially meaningful,” as several of her family members have served in the Air Force.

The exterior of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, facing the attraction’s 50-foot drop. In the bottom of the image, two frogs sit on a log with their backs to the camera.

7. Astutely Observant Amphibians

We make a variety of froggy friends throughout the attraction—and while many of them are preoccupied with showing off their musical skills, others are just as interested in looking at us as we are looking at them. Haunted Mansion fans are familiar with a selection of portraits scattered throughout Magic Kingdom’s mansion, where all the subjects’ eerie eyes seem to move and follow you, no matter where you go. But did you ever expect to see frogs do the same thing? Keep an eye out for these very focused frogs… they’re certainly keeping an eye out for you!