Which Turning Red Character are You Most Like?

By Jocelyn Buhlman

We know that there’s “Nobody Like U,” but we bet you have a thing or two in common with Mei and her friends from Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red! Since the film debuted on Disney+, fans have been loving how relatable Mei, Miriam, Abby, and Priya are, reminding us of our own friends and the silly adventures we have with them. You might even find yourself debating with your friends who is more of a Mei—or if you’re possibly a Priya. Well, debate no more! Get your definitive answer by telling us about your ‘90s and early ‘00s Disney favorites. Your answers will reveal exactly which of this fabulous foursome you’re most like!

What’s your go-to pick for movie night?

Which Disney song are you singing for karaoke?

What fictional band or musician do you have a poster of in your room?

You’re home from school! What are you doing to unwind?

Which Pixar movie made you cry the most?

Who do you relate to the most?

You’re making a mix CD for your crush—which Disney song is the opening track?

How do you show off your Disney fandom?

And finally, the most important question: Who is your favorite 4*Town Member?

Which Turning Red Character are You Most Like?
You’re most like… Mei!

You do what you want, say what you want, and you might even do a spontaneous cartwheel if you feel so moved! Just like Mei, your sense of independence is important, and you’re not afraid to express yourself. You’re not so independent that you’re a lone wolf, however—your family is the most important thing in your life, and you’d do anything for your friends! Sometimes it can be tricky to balance being yourself and honoring your family, but in the end, you always know how to let out your inner panda and make everyone smile!
You’re most like… Abby!

While you might seem cute and sweet to observers, just like Abby you have a hidden fierce side that can be surprising. You’re full of love for the world and all the people, animals, and ice cream it holds—and you’re not afraid to stick up for anything you care about, so haters better watch out! Some may call you “chaotic,” but others call you “a great friend,” and at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing.
You’re most like… Miriam!

To most people, you might seem chill and carefree, but around your friends you can’t help but be enthusiastic about everything! Like Miriam, you’re the heart of your friend group and love going on adventures with them, big or small. Whenever someone needs a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, you’re the one they can count on to make them smile.
You’re most like… Priya!

Your brooding exterior may fool others, but your friends know that deep down you’re super in touch with your emotions. Just like Priya, you love the dark and mysterious things in the world and aren’t phased by weirdness—after all, your friends are a bunch of weirdos and they’re the most important people in the world! While you might come across as deadpan to strangers, your friends know the silly and excitable real you, and you love having such a great group of pals to encourage you to come out of your shell.