Mickey's Christmas Carol

Disney Premieres Mickey’s Christmas Carol in England

It was a case of Christmas in October when Mickey’s Christmas Carol premiered in England on this day in 1983. The film was historic for Disney, marking Mickey Mouse’s triumphant return to film for the first time in 30 years. An adaptation of the well-known classic Charles Dickens story, this version features Mickey as the industrious and underpaid Bob Cratchit and rich old Scrooge McDuck as Bob’s boss, Scrooge. Veteran animator Eric Larson, one of the group that Walt Disney deemed his Nine Old Men and the last of the esteemed group to work for Disney, was a key element to the high-quality animation and was thrilled to work with the younger animators on this film. Mickey’s Christmas Carol is also significant because it marked the big-screen debut of Disney Legend Wayne Allwine voicing the world’s favorite mouse, a role he kept until his untimely death last year.