Brokedown Palace

Brokedown Palace – 20 Years Later

By Jennifer Vanoni, Walt Disney Archives

Brokedown Palace, starring Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale, is on the cusp of turning 21 years old. Originally released on August 13, 1999, the 20th Century Fox / Fox 2000 Pictures drama is celebrating this milestone with a streaming debut on Hulu.

Inspired by his own travels and the stories he’d heard of American women…

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alice through the looking glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass Wind-Up Toy

By Nikki Nguyen, Walt Disney Archives

In Alice Through the Looking Glass, Time presents this wind-up toy to Iracebeth as a gift “made entirely out of love… and also a little bit of metal and wood.” The complex machinery of this prop is functional and in working order. As the crank is turned, the executioner lowers the hatchet and the unfortunate king…

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The Great Movie Ride

Halt, Unbeliever! Anything Can Happen in the Movies!

By Francesca Scrimgeour, Walt Disney Archives

The Great Movie Ride attraction was a film lover’s dream, an experience that visited some of the most important and classic films of all time. As soon as the attraction vehicle passed under the neon-flashing marquee with “Hooray for Hollywood” swelling in the background, Guests knew they were in for a spectacular…

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wda acquiring the magic 2020

Acquiring the Magic: Fresh Off the Set

By Rick Lorentz, Walt Disney Archives

The year 2020 finds many of our favorite television shows wrapping up storylines and coming to an end.   Fresh Off the Boat, Modern Family, Homeland, How to Get Away with Murder and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have either aired their final episode, or will be doing so in the upcoming months.

Fans can rest assured that…

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Ticket to Dream

Ticket to Dream: Disneyland Treasures from the Archives

By Kevin Kern, Walt Disney Archives

Do you remember the first time you passed through the turnstiles and into a Disney Park? That unmistakable feeling of excitement—the sense that magic is just a few feet away within the many realms of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy—is shared by all who come to these happy places. It’s an exhilarating feeling that millions…

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Check Out These Totally Retro Disneyland Souvenirs to Commemorate 65 Years of Disneyland

By Jocelyn Buhlman

Mouse ear hats. Spirit Jerseys. Autograph books. Throughout Disneyland’s 65 years of magic, there’s always something special you can take home to serve as a memento of your day at the Happiest Place on Earth. No matter where you are, souvenirs act as a way to remind us that the magic of Disneyland—and any Disney park, for that matter—is…

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archives disneyland parades

Seasons of Sunshine at Disneyland

By Julia Vargas, Walt Disney Archives

Warm weather and sunshine have always been a cause for celebration, especially at Disneyland. Over the years, numerous parades and events have been held at the Park during the spring and summer months for Guests to enjoy.

One long–running tradition held at the Park was the “Old Fashioned Easter Parade,” which debuted on…

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flying dutchman

Pirates of the Caribbean Flying Dutchman models

By Rick Lorentz, Walt Disney Archives

These Flying Dutchman models help showcase the amount of time and detail that went into creating the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Each model is like a “work of art,” combining early artist renderings, concept art, production notes, and real historical ships into one finely detailed final product. The Flying Dutchman is…

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Walt with animator models

Walt Disney and the Creation of the Character Model Department

By Nikki Nguyen, Walt Disney Archives

Disney animators have been bringing characters to life for decades, skillfully using various mediums to create exciting, immersive worlds with fully-developed characters that generations of fans have grown to love. Let’s take a peek at how Walt Disney created a department to help animators better conceptualize what would…

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Cinderella Glass Slippers

Cinderella Live-Action Glass Slipper

By Rick Lorentz, Walt Disney Archives

Perhaps the most iconic shoes in fairy tale history are the sparkling glass slippers worn by Cinderella. As a repository dedicated to preserving the most memorable costumes from Disney films, we always assumed that the shiny slippers would never be a part of our collection—they only existed as the result of an artist’s…

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