Five Famed Flicks: Disney Films Released in January

It’s the middle of January, a month named after Janus—the Roman god of beginnings and transitions. It’s a time to reflect on the previous year, and to daydream about the fun yet to come in 2016. These particular 31 days got us to thinking: How has Disney kicked off the new year, cinematically speaking, throughout …

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two production stills from the movie Son of Flubber showing star Fred MacMurray and actor Ken Murray

Fred MacMurray Flies Again in Walt Disney’s Son of Flubber

Down through the years, as mankind has emerged from the dark ages, there have been turning points and inspirational milestones. And we remember the great names of science: Newton and the law of gravity; Watt and the steam engine; Edison and the electric light… and Brainard and flubber!

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