Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room

The Tiki Room Celebrates 50 Years

By Jim Fanning

Welcome to Our Tropical Hideaway, You Lucky People, You
For 50 years of pleasure and glee, Disneyland guests have been singing (and whistling) along with the fantastic flora and fabulous fauna of Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. Starring 225 of some of the most singular Disney characters ever created in the form of trilling birds, warbling…

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Roger Broggie

As Walt Disney’s original Imagineer, Roger Broggie built everything from steam locomotives to electronic robots that could sing and dance. Gifted with mechanical genius, there wasn’t anything Roger couldn’t do or figure out how to do. He epitomized the essence of Disney Imagineering—“the blending of creative imagination and technical know-how.”
When Roger…

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2012 In Memoriam

Norman Alden, an American character actor who performed extensively on television and in the movies, passed away on July 27. For Disney, he voiced Sir Kay in The Sword in the Stone, appeared in Ed Wood (as cameraman Bill), and performed on television in the two-hour movie Sunday Drive (as John Elliott).

Ernest Borgnine, a renowned American film and television actor…

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