peek-a-boo candle craft

Peek-a-Boo Candle

Add a little holiday cheer to your candles. Materials D23 bell template Scissors Glue stick Large glass mason jar Spray paint (you choose the color) Votive candle Glass beads or uncooked beans Directions 1. Download and print our bell stencil template and cut out the bell. 2. Apply glue to the back of the bell …

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holiday wreath craft

Winter Wonderland Wreath

Deck your halls with this wonderful wreath! Materials Foam floral wreath (available online or at craft supply stores) Hot glue gun Ornaments in various sizes, caps removed Directions 1. Use a hot glue gun to attach ornaments to the foam wreath, applying first to the inside circumference of the wreath. Apply hot glue between the …

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holiday centerpiece craft

Create a Winter Wonderland for your Holiday Table

Make your feast extra festive with this charming centerpiece! Materials Silver charger Fake snow Three Disney figurines (your choice) Three wine glasses—two for white wine, one for red wine Two votive candles One pillar candle Various holiday decorations: holly, mini Christmas trees, ornaments, fake flowers, pinecones, etc. Directions 1. Generously sprinkle fake snow onto the …

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Mickey Mouse felt ornament

Mickey Mouse Felt Ornament

Add some Mickey Mouse joy to your Christmas tree with this Mickey Mouse felt ornament. Materials D23 Mickey Mouse felt ornament template Scissors Black felt Red felt Glue Hot glue gun 2 white buttons, each one about 1/2 inch diameter Satin ribbon or string, 8 inches long Directions 1. Print our Mickey Mouse felt ornament …

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Humphrey the Bear and The Ranger Cutout

Help Humphrey and Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore—most recently seen on Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse animated series—trim their Christmas tree! This nostalgic craft, created exclusively for D23 Days of Christmas by Imagineer Jason Grandt, celebrates the beloved characters and the style of classic craft pages found in vintage Disney comic books. Supplies: 8.5 x 11-inch white …

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Print a Cars Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Nothing like a good road trip to visit friends and family during the holiday season… Take in all the sights and sounds around you by playing along with our Cars Road Trip Scavenger Hunt! It’s as simple as spotting each element (a red car, an orange traffic cone, etc.) and marking them off as you …

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Make a Death Star Ornament

Let the world know you’re a true-blue Star Wars fan—with this clever Death Star Ornament. The handy template makes it easy to bring a little “Dark Side” to your very own Christmas tree… Supplies: 8.5 x 11-inch white printer paper 3.25-inch round clear glass ornament (same as recent Tinker Bell Ornament craft) Scissors Double-sided tape …

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Make a Mickey Mouse Santa Hat Ornament

Round out your Christmas ornament collection with this festive paper spin-off of the signature mouse-eared beanie. To help make fashioning this ornament a snap, we whipped up an easy-to-use template for those of you who prefer to forego freestyle hand drawing. Click here to download the template. When selecting paper for crafting your ornament, consider selecting …

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Download an Eric Goldberg Artwork Printout

Longtime Disney animator Eric Goldberg lent his talents to The Princess and the Frog, Hercules, Fantasia/2000, and The Emperor’s New Groove—but he’s probably best known for bringing the Genie to life in 1992’s Aladdin. Today’s craft is truly special; it’s an exclusive image drawn just for D23 by Eric himself, featuring the Genie and some …

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Create a Babes in Toyland Toy Soldier Craft

A tribute to the famous climactic sequence of the 1961 musical fantasy Babes in Toyland, this holiday craft was originally produced by the Walt Disney Productions character merchandising division and sent out to company and business partners. The imaginative piece invited recipients to create their own miniature holiday display featuring the toy soldier, a Disney …

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