Three images of Disney rabbits are compiled together. On the left, the White Rabbit stands in front of the bushes wearing a white collar and shirt with a red heart while blowing a trumpet. Beside him is an action shot of Judy Hopps in her uniform, racing forward. To the right, Thumper sits smiling on a log in the forest with his right foot in the air.

Quiz: Which Disney Rabbit Are You?

By Jessica Benda

Mickey Mouse might be the face of Disney, but other small critters are getting their chance to shine this year: rabbits!

The Year of the Rabbit arrived on January 22, and we have so many hopping characters to celebrate. From Oswald the Lucky Rabbit—who was drawn even before Mickey Mouse himself—to Officer Judy Hopps, these bunnies bring their own unique personalities to Disney films and parks. As you celebrate this Lunar New Year, find out which Disney rabbit you’re most like.

Picture this: Madam Mim has turned you into a rabbit. Where’s your dream home?

Be honest, how messy is that dream home?

You’ve met some more rabbits. How would they describe you?

Time to go to work! What job do you want?

What are you doing in your free time?

You’ve been invited to a party! What time are you getting there?

Someone gave your rabbit self a driver’s license. What’s your ride of choice?

Rabbit or human, what are you hoping to do in the new year?

Quiz: Which Disney Rabbit are You?
You’re most like… the White Rabbit!

The White Rabbit stands and blows a trumpet in front of some bushes. He wears a white collar, spectacles, and a red heart on his shirt.

Okay, so being on time may not be your strong suit, but you’re sure dedicated! Whether it’s work or school or whatever you set your mind to, you give it your all. Just like Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit, you lead your friends places they never thought they’d go—sometimes by accident. (And you probably have a lot of stamina with all that running around.) This year, just remember to take a break every now and then. Watch out for rabbit holes!
You’re most like… Judy Hopps!

In Zootopia’s Little Rodentia, Judy Hopps holds a giant donut just above Fru-Fru, a small Arctic shrew, keeping it from falling on top of her.

Just like Zootopia’s first bunny officer, you’re willing to overcome any odds to accomplish your dreams. Driven and determined, you’re no stranger to hard work and always willing to help a friend in need. You grow more each day, though you might lose your patience at times (but who can blame you when sloths talk so slow?). This year, keep up the positive attitude to make your hometown even better.
You’re most like… Thumper!

In the forest, Thumper sits smiling atop a small log with his right foot in the air.

Like Bambi’s lovable bunny, you’re honest—sometimes too honest. You and Thumper may speak before you think, but you both have good hearts and a positive attitude. You’re friendly, mischievous, and might have a habit of tapping your foot. This year, continue to welcome in new friends and let that bright outlook shine.
You’re most like… Rabbit!

Winnie the Pooh sits at a table with a napkin around his neck as Rabbit stands across from him. Rabbit smiles and holds a jar that reads “Hunny” as Pooh holds a spoon in front of an empty plate.

In the Hundred Acre Wood, Rabbit is probably fretting about something, and you might be too. Like Rabbit, you enjoy being organized and prepared for anything. You care deeply for your friends and family and often provide the practical perspective, especially when your Tigger-like pals get carried away. You have strong opinions, but your loyalty and sensibility often override them. This year, remember to take time to relax every now and then.
You’re most like… Roger Rabbit!

Roger Rabbit and Eddie Valiant are handcuffed together, looking off-screen in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Perhaps Disney’s most eccentric rabbit, Roger Rabbit is chaotic in the best ways—and you probably are too. You’re energetic, upbeat, and always up for an adventure. While you love to make your friends and family laugh, you also have a big heart. Sometimes you can get a bit carried away, but like Roger Rabbit, you always find a way out. And, if you live near Disneyland Resort, consider paying Roger Rabbit a visit at the upcoming Mickey’s Toontown reopening in March.