Four images are compiled into one. On the far left, Iron Man of Iron Man wears his red and gold suit and throws his right arm forward to attack. Beside him is a still from the animated film Toy Story 4, depicting Woody and Bo Peep standing together and looking off in the distance. Woody wears his cowboy hat and vest while Bo Peep clutches her blue staff. Next is a still from the animated film Encanto, where Mirabel holds onto a stack of plates while grinning at something off-screen. She wears her green glasses and her blue and white embroidered dress. On the far right, Luke Skywalker of Star Wars: A New Hope stands outside a spaceship. He wears his orange flight uniform and holds a blaster in his right hand.

QUIZ: What Are You the Ultimate Fan of?

By Jessica Benda

Once, the name “Disney” would beckon thoughts of enchanted castles, sprawling forests, and dazzling original songs. That’s certainly still true today, but over the decades, Disney has expanded into iconic galaxies, lush planets, and charmingly snarky Super Heroes.

The Walt Disney Studios includes several beloved collections of storytellers, including Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, and the ever-classic Walt Disney Animation Studios. Some fans can name every droid in the galaxy, while others can recite their favorite childhood Pixar film word-for-word. Most Disney fans gear up with more than one area of expertise.

Sometimes, we love the Studios so much it’s hard to decide which is our favorite! Based on Stark Industries-approved technology, we’ve engineered the perfect test to find which franchise to which you’re the most devoted.

What are you watching on Disney+?

Which of these could you name the most of?

Which land at a Disney Park are you most excited to visit?

Where’s your dream destination?

Which animal companion would you bring home?

Who’s your favorite alien?

And who’s your favorite princess?

Which character would you most want to see in a spinoff series?

Which upcoming 2023 film are you most looking forward to?

QUIZ: What Are You the Ultimate Fan of?
You’re the ultimate fan of… Walt Disney Animation Studios!

In a still from the animated film The Lion King, Timon the meerkat, Pumbaa the warthog, and Simba the lion strut in a single file line across a mossy log. Waterfalls flow behind them.

Founded by Walt Disney himself, Walt Disney Animation Studios has delivered a portfolio of 61 feature films to date. It has swept us to far-off castles, into historical cities, and past the second star to the right. You can probably name most of the Disney Princesses and know the words to all The Lion King songs. One thing is certain: You love Walt Disney Animation Studios, and you’ll never let it go.
You’re the ultimate fan of… Pixar Animation Studios!

In a still from the animated film Finding Nemo, Marlin the clownfish and Dory the blue tang look mischievously at one another. Marlin, orange with white stripes, looks skeptical while the blue Dory grins with wide eyes. In the cyan ocean, purple coral pokes up beneath them.

Andy’s room! Radiator Springs! P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney! As the studio behind some of our most imaginative films, Pixar is likely the one you love most. It has produced 26 feature films and counting, including such as classics like Finding Nemo and new adventures like Luca. Pixar has grown beyond the screen and into Disney Parks, including Pixar Pier and Cars Land at Disneyland Resort and Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World Resort. But as the ultimate Pixar fan, you probably already knew that.
You’re the ultimate fan of… Marvel Studios!

In a still of Captain America: Civil War, six Super Heroes stand on the concrete and stare up at the sky. Among them are Captain America, the Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and the Falcon. They’re all dressed in their fighter gear.

The sprawling Super Hero multiverse is the one for you. You’re the ultimate Marvel fan, and with over three-dozen films and hundreds of characters, that’s saying something! With the recent launch of Phase 5 via Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly expanding. Captain America, Scarlet Witch, and Black Panther are just some of the famous faces to emerge from Marvel Studios.
You’re the ultimate fan of… Lucasfilm!

In Star Wars: A New Hope, Luke, Leia, and Han all stand together in front of a metallic wall. Han is positioned slightly in front of the other two and braces his blaster, while Leia stands in the middle and Luke at the left. They look carefully at something ahead.

The Force is strong with you, or at least with your love for Lucasfilm! It’s most known for the Star Wars franchise, which spans three iconic trilogies and several spinoff films and television series. Starting with Luke, Leia, and Han Solo, this universe brims with tales of space politics and adrenaline-filled adventures. Whether it’s vibrant Coruscant or lush Naboo, piloting an X-wing or the Death Star, you’d give anything to be a part of that galaxy.