QUIZ: How Well Do You Know High School Musical 3: Senior Year?

By Zach Johnson

Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat! In celebration of High School Musical 3: Senior Year’s anniversary on October 24, we’ve created a pop quiz. (“Surprise!”) Think you know all there is to know about Chad (Corbin Bleu), Taylor (Monique Coleman), Troy (Zac Efron) Ryan (Lucas Grabeel), Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens), and Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale)? Answer 18 questions to find out—and if you score high enough, you might even graduate with honors!

High School Musical 3

1. Cue the closeup! Which character appears onscreen first?
A) Chad
B) Gabriella
C) Taylor
D) Troy

2. What is the halftime score in the state championship final game?
A) East High Wildcats (23) vs. West High Knights (48)
B) East High Wildcats (48) vs. West High Knights (23)
C) East High Wildcats (26) vs. West High Knights (47)
D) East High Wildcats (47) vs. West High Knights (26)

3. What is Chad’s jersey number?
A) 8
B) 14
C) 32
D) 44

High School Musical 3

4. What is Jimmie Zara’s nickname?
A) “Babe Magnet”
B) “Little Pickles”
C) “Rocket Man”
D) “Wildcat”

5. Which Aly & AJ song plays during Troy’s championship party?
A) “Do You Believe in Magic”
B) “Like Whoa”
C) “No One”
D) “Rush”

6.Which childhood toy does Gabriella find in Troy’s tree house?
A) Furby
B) Robo Rob
C) Skip-It
D) Stretch Armstrong

High School Musical 3

7. What does Sharpay’s license plate say?

8. Which of these items is NOT on the New York deli platter?
A) Big Apple parfait
B) Corned beef on rye
C) Pepperoni pizza
D) Potato salad

9. Which Disney Legend is calling Ryan and Sharpay again in “I Want It All?”
A) Diane Sawyer
B) Oprah Winfrey
C) Regis Philbin
D) Whoopi Goldberg

High School Musical 3

10. Which High School Musical 2 song is Gabriella’s ringtone?
A) “All for One”
B) “Gotta Go My Own Way”
C) “What Time Is It”
D) “You Are the Music in Me”

11. What is the theme of the East High prom?
A) Cloud Nine
B) Fire and Ice
C) Last Waltz
D) The Night of Nights

12. How many “promposals” does Chad attempt before Taylor says yes?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

High School Musical 3

13. What did Chad and Troy NOT pretend to be as kids at the junkyard?
A) Basketball players
B) Rock stars
C) Spies
D) Super Heroes

14. Who said this line?: “Oh, perfect! Go for it! Save the day! Whoopee!”
A) Ryan
B) Sharpay
C) Tiara
D) Zeke

15. Where does Troy decide to go to college?
A) The Juilliard School
B) University of Albuquerque
C) University of California, Berkeley
D) Yale University

High School Musical 3

16. Which major does Gabriella plan to study at Stanford University?
A) Political Science
B) Pre-Law
C) Theatre
D) Undecided

17. How many hats does Ryan wear in the movie (including his graduation cap)?
A) 7
B) 9
C) 11
D) 13

18. How does Taylor sign her yearbook? (Hint: It appears in the credits!)
A) “It’s not over yet!”
B) “Long live musicals!”
C) “Off on a quest for the perfect jazz square!”
D) “You should visit me at the Oval Office.”

High School Musical 3

Correct Answers:

1. D, Troy
2. C, East High Wildcats (26) vs. West High Knights (47)
3. A, 8
4. C, “Rocket Man”
5. B, “Like Whoa”
6. B, Robo Rob
8. C, Pepperoni pizza
9. B, Oprah Winfrey
10. D, “You Are the Music in Me”
11. C, Last Waltz
12. B, 2
13. A, Basketball players
14. B, Sharpay
15. C, University of California, Berkeley
16. B, Pre-Law
17. C, 11
18. D, “You should visit me at the Oval Office.”

If you got…

It might be time for a tutor. The good news? You can stream High School Musical 3: Senior Year on Disney+ right now and get caught up in time for the “Senior Year Spring Musical!”

You want it all—and with another viewing, a higher score can be yours!

Everyone is special in their own way… and being a High School Musical 3: Senior Year whiz is clearly your way! Your attention to detail is so outstanding even Ms. Darbus is impressed.