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What is D23?
D23 is “The Official Disney Fan Club” — established on March 10, 2009, as the first-ever “official” club of its kind in the 90-year history of The Walt Disney Company. From our beloved Disney Parks to the legendary Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney is known for having a deep-rooted respect for the wonderful legacy we’ve built through the years and the creativity that continues to take us to new heights.

One of the most important parts of that fantastic legacy are the Disney fans, perhaps the most loyal, passionate, and enthusiastic in the world. D23 was established to bring Disney fans closer to the “magic” through one-of-a-kind experiences, special events, benefits, unique merchandise offerings, quarterly publication, website, and opportunities to meet others who share the same affection and fascination for Disney. D23 offers fans an insider’s peek at every corner of Disney, from the parks, animation, and stage shows to television and film to the treasures of the legendary Walt Disney Archives.

What does D23 mean?
The “D” stands for Disney, and “23” represents 1923, the year that Walt Disney arrived in California and founded what was to ultimately become The Walt Disney Company.

Is D23 on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube?
Yes. Currently D23 has accounts with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. Follow us by searching “DisneyD23” for breaking news and fresh Disney content.

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General Membership

How do I sign up for a General D23 Membership?
Guests can sign up for general memberships at, and the transaction process is similar to the purchasing of Gold memberships.

Do I need to provide a credit card to obtain a general membership?
Guests do not need to provide a credit card at check out.

If I join at the General D23 Membership level, will I need to renew my membership each year?
No, D23 General Members do not need to renew their D23 Membership.

Do D23 Member discounts apply to all levels of membership?
Some discounts are exclusive to D23 Gold Members, such as those which require a D23 Membership Card. Others are be open to all members. Discounts available to General Members are listed here, all other discounts are available only to Gold Members.

If I’m a Gold D23 Member and renew as a General Member, will I have the same membership number?
If you choose to renew at the General Member level, there will be a form on the D23 Membership Renewal Page, where you can put in this request and keep your current D23 Membership number.

If I’m a Gold D23 Charter Member and renew as a General Member, will I retain my charter status?
Yes, if you renew as a General Member using the form on the D23 Membership Renewal Page, you will be able to maintain your charter status.

Can I upgrade my D23 General Membership to a Gold or Gold Family Membership?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade.

How do I get my new membership number?
You’ll receive your new membership number in the confirmation email shortly after signing up on

Can I “gift” a General Membership to a friend?
No, guests may only join at the general level for themselves.

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Gold/Gold Family

What do I receive with D23 Gold Membership ($74.99)

  • One-year subscription (four issues) to the award-winning Disney twenty-three publication. D23’s exquisite collectible magazine, exclusively available to D23 Gold Members, is filled with stunning photography, dazzling illustrations, and Disney insider perspectives. It’s an all-access pass to discovering the magic of Disney’s past, present, and future!
  • Exclusive Special Events and Merchandise. D23 offers its members unique special-event opportunities throughout the year, as well as access to member-exclusive, limited-edition merchandise and collectibles.
  • 2015 Annual Membership Gift: Disneyland Pitch Portfolio. In honor of the 60th anniversary of Disneyland, D23 has reproduced a portfolio of stunning artwork used to showcase concepts of the park that would help make Walt’s dream a reality. Exclusively for Gold Members.
  • Membership Card and Certificate. A D23 membership card and personalized, suitable-for-framing member certificate.
  • “FanFare” E-Newsletters. Subscription to weekly D23 FanFare e-newsletter with breaking news and special offers. (You may opt out of receiving FanFare upon receipt of each e-newsletter.)
  • Special benefits, promotional offers, and discounts throughout the year. More details available here.
  • D23 Gold Members have the opportunity to bring up to one guest to select D23 Member events.

How can I join?
Anyone can join online at or Gift memberships for friends and family can be purchased via these links as well. D23 gift membership recipients must redeem their cards by registering online and paying any applicable state tax.

What is the difference between “Gold Membership” ” and Gold Family Membership”?
A new Gold Membership ($74.99) entitles a member to bring one guest to select D23 Member events. Gold Family Membership, for an additional $25, entitles members to bring up to three guests to select D23 Member events.

Why did you introduce Gold Family Membership?
We have heard from many of our members that they would like to bring additional guests to some of our events. We created Gold Family Membership to serve this purpose.

How do you define “family” in Gold Family Membership?
“Family” are the people you love and choose to spend your time with.

I am currently a Gold Member and would like to upgrade to Gold Family Membership. Can I do so?
Yes, as a one-time opportunity, through April 30, 2016, current D23 Gold Members may upgrade their membership at any point for $25. Members can upgrade by clicking here.

When can I renew my D23 Gold or Gold Family Membership?
You can renew your membership up to 120 days prior to your expiration date.

How do I renew my D23 Gold or Gold Family Membership?
If you are within 120 days of expiration (gold memberships expire on the last day of the month listed on your membership card), you may visit, log into your account and renew your membership. For a visual guide to this process, please click here.

Why can’t I access D23 Membership renewals from Boutique23 anymore?
We have upgraded our systems to assist our members in a more smooth renewal process. Now, members will be notified via email (unless the member has opted out of receiving emails) 120 days prior to the expiration of their membership. There will be a link included in this email to renew. If a guest’s membership expires more than 120 days from clicking on the renewal link, the guest will not be able to renew their membership. If you are within 120 days of your membership expiring (gold memberships expire on the last day of the month listed on your membership card), you may visit, log into your account and renew your membership.

What if I don’t have Internet access?
Unfortunately, at this time, D23 Membership registration is available only online at or

Are family memberships available?
At this time family memberships are not available, but our D23 General Membership might be worth considering if multiple people in your household wish to join.

I live outside the United States. Can I be a D23 Member?
Yes. International shipping charges will apply.

Can I buy a D23 Membership as a gift for someone else?
Yes. When you visit, click “Join D23” and then select “Gift Membership.” Guests may only gift D23 Gold Memberships.

How old do you have to be to purchase a D23 membership?
You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a D23 Membership or any D23 merchandise. However, adults can purchase gift memberships for those under 18, and most member events are suitable for the whole family.

Can I purchase or renew a membership for a minor (under 18 years of age)?
Yes, you may purchase or renew a D23 Membership for a minor. Please call our Guest Services team at (855) 323-5973 and they will be happy to assist you as this can not be transacted online.

Will I get a confirmation of my order?
Yes. You will receive an email confirmation of your order sent to the email address you entered at the time of your purchase. Your membership number will be included in your confirmation.

How long will it take before I receive my membership kit?
Your complete Membership Kit will arrive within 3-4 weeks.

Why won’t all the items in my membership kit arrive at once?
Shipping items separately ensures members receive items as soon as possible, providing the best guest service for our members.

Is membership automatically renewed?
No. You will receive notification when your membership is 120 days from expiration and, at that time, you may renew your membership without missing any publications, events, or limited-edition merchandise.

How will I hear about events and special merchandise?
There are a variety of D23 member-only events throughout the year. Check online at to find out about upcoming events. Special promotional codes and information for some events will be sent out via email and e-newsletters, so once D23 Members start receiving D23 emails and newsletters, they may not wish to “opt out” of receiving that correspondence. We also post news of many of our special events to our social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, follow “DisneyD23” for the latest news.

I took myself off the email/e-newsletter list (or, I stopped receiving D23 emails and e-newsletters). How do I get myself back on so I can receive information about new merchandise and participating in D23 events?
Please contact to start the process of adding your name back to the email list.

What is my “D23 Member Log In”?
Your D23 Member Log In is the information you used when you purchased or activated your D23 membership. If you already had an account with or a member name and password from another Disney family of companies’ websites, it will be the same.

How many memberships can I purchase for myself?
Members are limited to a single membership per calendar year.

What if I have a question about my membership or need to change my address?
Please contact for changes to your contact information and any questions about your membership.

How can I check when my membership will expire?
Your expiration date is on the back of your membership card, or you can contact to find out when your membership is set to expire.

Can I cancel my membership?
No. D23 Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What happens if I haven’t received my Membership Kit, if I do not receive an issue of Disney twenty-three of if I have other questions about my membership?
If you have additional questions regarding your membership, please write to

If I let my Charter Membership lapse, can I renew next year and still be considered a Charter Member?
No. If you let your Charter Membership lapse and wish to become a D23 Member at a later date, you will need to purchase a new D23 Membership and you will no longer be considered a Charter Member.

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How to Renew Your D23 Membership

You can renew your D23 Membership up to 120 days prior to its expiration date
(listed on the back of your D23 Membership card, in your Member Profile, or available by calling Guest Services).

When it’s time to renew, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Click here to visit and renew ►
Click here for more detailed information on renewing your D23 Membership ►

Have a question? We’re happy to help! Please call our Guest Services team at (855) D23-5973.

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How to Upgrade Your D23 Membership

You can upgrade your D23 Membership from General to Gold or Gold Family at any time.

Once you upgrade, your expiration date will be one year from the end of the month in which you upgraded (for example, if you renew on April 10, 2014, your membership will expire on April 30, 2015).

There are just three steps to becoming a D23 Gold or Gold Family Member and having access to every event and discount that D23 offers!


Click here to visit and upgrade ►

See all the benefits of D23 Gold and Gold Family Membership ►

Have a question? We’re happy to help! Please call our Guest Services team at (855) D23-5973.

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D23 Events

Are D23 events only held in Anaheim, Burbank, and Orlando?
No. We make a concerted effort to have events throughout the U.S. Over the past few years, we have held events in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Newark, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C.

How do I purchase tickets/when will tickets be available?
When ticketing information is available it will be listed on the event listing page. To purchase tickets, you will need to visit the event page at the date and time listed, when either a phone number or web link to the event ticketing website will be posted for access to purchase or reserve tickets.

How many tickets are available for D23 events?
Space varies for each D23 event, in order to assure the best possible experience for our D23 Members. Some events, like the popular tours of the Walt Disney Archives and the Walt Disney Studios, are more intimate. Others, like Magic and Merriment at Walt Disney World Resort, can accommodate a couple hundred people. Still others, like our equally popular “Destination D” events have space for well over one thousand D23 Members and their guests.

Why do tickets sometimes sell out so quickly?
In our first year we learned which D23 events held the greatest appeal to our members. We are truly sorry if you didn’t get tickets to an event you had your eyes on, but please know we have since doubled the capacity for some of our most popular events such as the Walt Disney Studios Tours, and Disney and Dickens. We want as many people as possible to experience these memorable D23 events.

If the event is listed as “sold out,” can I still be added to the waitlist?
If an event is listed as “sold out,” it means that the waitlist for the event has also been closed. We add as many names as possible to the waitlist, but cut it off to make sure we don’t create false expectations for our Members.

If I am waitlisted for the event, how will I know if I have been cleared?
You will be notified via email if you clear the event waitlist.

How long does it take to clear the waitlist?
A number of variables are involved in clearing an event waitlist and timing varies accordingly. We will do everything possible to move as many guests from the waitlist into the event, but due to capacity issues, we will not be able to accommodate everyone.

Can I show up at the event and see if someone doesn’t check in?
No. Please do not come to an event until you are confirmed to attend. We will not have a waitlist at the door for any events. Additionally, please do not show up at an event with more guests than you have confirmed as we cannot accommodate additional, unconfirmed guests.

If I buy a ticket to an event that is happening after my membership expires, can I still attend that event if I don’t renew my membership?
No. All D23 Member-exclusive events are only open to D23 Members in good standing and you must bring your current D23 Membership card and valid photo ID in order to be able to attend a D23 event.

If I’m an annual passholder at one of the Disney Parks and don’t need a ticket to the park, can I get a discount on events where park tickets are included?
Our friends at Disney Parks recognize the importance of Disney’s official fan club and D23 Members and their guests are provided complimentary park tickets for select D23 special events. Because of this, we only offer one ticket price for these events.

Who decides the prices for D23 events?
The prices for D23 Member events are determined by event production costs and guest offerings. We want to be able to provide extraordinary experiences to our members. In some cases, we are able to offer these experiences for free or little cost; in other cases, higher ticket prices are required.

We are attending a D23 event that offers a meal. If someone in my party has special dietary needs, can they be met?
We will do everything possible to make sure options are available for guests with special dietary needs. Please alert us at with as much specific information as possible. Please note, this applies only to events at which full meals are being served.

Does my membership entitle me to admission to events?
D23 Membership includes the opportunity to attend special D23 Member events. Because some events have very limited capacities, we can not guarantee that being a D23 Member will mean you get into the special D23 Member event of your choice.

How soon can I sign up for an event after I purchase a membership?
Please allow 2-3 business days after purchase for your membership to process on the events registration website.

Whom do I contact if I need assistance with my event ticket request?
Please write to the D23 Guest Services Team at with as much specific information as possible.

Are sign language interpreting services available at D23 Member events?
Yes. If you wish to request for sign language interpreting services for an event, please submit your request to at least two weeks prior to the event date.

Will you continue to have free events next year?
Yes, we will continue to offer a mix of free and paid events for D23 Members.

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D23 Merchandise

What kind of merchandise is associated with D23?
A variety of exclusive merchandise and collectible opportunities are available for D23 Members, including logo merchandise, unique pins, sculptures, limited-edition giclee prints, and more. The ever-growing assortment is featured on the D23 website in Boutique 23.

What is the Walt Disney Archives Collection?
The Walt Disney Archives Collection features painstakingly detailed reproductions and interpretations of pieces from the vast Walt Disney Archives. From animation cels and photographs to three-dimensional pieces and objets d’art, the Collection features a wonderful assortment of must-have Disney collectibles.

Can I buy additional copies of the Disney twenty-three quarterly publication?
No. Disney twenty-three is now available exclusively to D23 Gold Members and at the current time Gold Members may not purchase additional copies of the publication.

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What is the D23 EXPO?
The D23 EXPO is the ultimate Disney fan experience. The inaugural D23 EXPO took place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California (across the street from Disneyland Resort) in 2009, and was followed by equally popular events in August 2011 and August 2013. The event features incredible speakers, celebrity appearances, breathtaking exhibitions, sneak peeks, film screenings, one-of-a-kind merchandise, and much more.

What is the D23 EXPO?
The D23 EXPO is the ultimate Disney fan experience. The inaugural D23 EXPO took place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California (across the street from Disneyland Resort) in 2009, and was followed by equally popular events in August 2011 and August 2013. The event features incredible speakers, celebrity appearances, breathtaking exhibitions, sneak peeks, film screenings, one-of-a-kind merchandise, and much more.

Are there special prices for children?
Yes, there are specially prices children’s tickets available for those ages 3 – 9. Children under three receive complimentary admission to D23 EXPO.

When is the next D23 EXPO?
The next D23 EXPO is August 14-16, 2015. Visit for the latest D23 EXPO news and announcements.

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