23 Questions With Alice Davis

Alice Estes Davis instantly makes you feel at ease. Her home, in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles where she’s lived since the late 1950s, resembles a museum more than a dwelling. Alice, along with her husband and fellow Disney Legend, Marc Davis, moved here not long after they were married, and the rooms are brimming with his sketches and paintings, as well as an…

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Tam O'Shanter Prime Rib

Tam O’Shanter Prime Rib

Let’s face it; prime rib is the most luxurious of all comfort foods.
Each bite seems even more delectable than the previous, and the simple act of eating a perfectly prepared rib is one of life’s great pleasures. Here is the receipe for prime rib as prepared at the legendary Tom O’Shanter restaurant… and while we’re certain this timeless recipe will produce the…

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