In hallway with framed animation art lining both walls, Nick Wilde from Zootopia stands with his back to one wall, looking somewhere between frightened and surprised, as Louis, the huge alligator from The Princess and the Frog, fills the space in front of him, with a trumpet in his mouth, pointing at Nick. Behind Louis stand Judy Hopps and Tiana, both of them smiling. Pinocchio is emerging from one of the framed images on the right wall, with just his head and neck showing and one hand over his mouth as he laughs with his eyes closed.

Meet the Characters of Disney Animation’s Once Upon a Studio

By Bruce C. Steele If we’re going to get through all the characters in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ new short Once Upon a Studio, we’d better get started, because in its rapid-fire nine minutes, some 543 characters from Disney Animation films and shorts make an appearance. If you spend just 30 seconds reading about each …

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