Eric Tan

This Artist’s Super Collection Will Make Every Disney Nerd Jealous | From the Desk Of

You’ve probably seen his Incredible art before: Eric Tan, Director of Design, Disney Creative Group, has created art inspired by Incredibles 2, Star Wars, and more; and was even featured on the back cover of the summer issue of Disney twenty-three! His designs for Incredibles 2 even made their way to Pixar Animation Studios via a heroic-sized mural on a wall at…

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From the Desk Of Andi Gutierrez

Behind-the-Scenes of The Star Wars Show’s STUNNING Collection | From the Desk Of

Andi Gutierrez, co-host of The Star Wars Show, gives us a tour of the unique toys, trinkets, and memorabilia that can be found on her two desks at Lucasfilm. Star Wars fans need to see the unique pieces in her collection, including the special items used as set decoration for The Star Wars Show. Make sure to catch more of Andi on The Star Wars Show, every Wednesday on…

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From the Desk Of Mike Jutan

This ILM Award Winner’s Disney Desk is Every Pixar Fan’s Dream! | From the Desk Of

If you love all things Pixar, you need to check out the desk of Industrial Light & Magic’s Mike Jutan, one of the award-winning creators of the BlockParty software, which has been used to create special effects in some of your favorite films, such as Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story. When he’s not making movie…

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DuckTales From the Desk Of

This DuckTales-Inspired Desk is Straight out of Duckburg!

DuckTales fans, start taking notes—this desk is a duck-blur of inspiration! Jasmine Bocz, animation editor on DuckTales, shares her desk that is filled with comics, toys, and her very own Number One Dime! Join Jasmine as she takes us through some of her favorite treasures and discusses some of the animation processes that go into making DuckTales.

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The Lion Guard offices

Take a Tour Through The Lion Guard’s Amazing Disney Office

Disney Junior’s The Lion Guard takes Disney fans on a journey to the savanna in the animated series that follows Simba and Nala’s cub Kion and his Pride Lands-protecting friends. If you’ve ever wondered what inspires the series’ epic storytelling, you need only to look around their spectacular workplace. In this exclusive video, Line Producer John Carrillo…

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Paul Briggs and Ron Clements

You Need to Hear the Story Behind this Amazing “Disney Desk”

By D23 Team

Imagine sitting at a desk that’s witnessed the most formative decades of The Walt Disney Company’s storied history… from the early days of animation, through favorites like The Fox and the Hound and The Little Mermaid, and all the way to today with recent hits such as Big Hero 6 and Frozen.

This very special animator’s desk—with stains,…

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