The Princess and the Frog

5 Facts Every Fan of The Princess and the Frog Should Know

By Savannah Salazar

Released more than 10 years ago (can you believe it!), this beloved animated film leaped into our hearts with its endearing band of characters, unforgettable songs, and the sweeping landscapes of New Orleans and their mystical bayous. Now, it’s time to dig a little deeper for behind-the-scenes facts from the animated classic. See what exciting…

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The Little Mermaid

5 Must-Know Facts About The Little Mermaid That Should be Part of Your World

The Little Mermaid made a splash in theaters 30 years ago, and we’ve been flipping our fins for the movie ever since. If you’re a fan of the film and want to join in the anniversary celebration, check out our video for five must-know facts that were mer-made for super fans like you! Still want to stay under the sea? Keep the celebration going with our 10 Fan-tastic…

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Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

5 Fascinating Facts about Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

By the D23 Team
What’s this? What’s this? Ever since this holiday-colliding classic debuted in theaters in 1993, we’ve been obsessed with the creepy cool creativity behind Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. To help celebrate the film’s chilling anniversary this month, we’ve rounded up five fascinating facts behind the creation of the film that…

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Freaky Friday Facts

5 Freaky Friday Facts Every Fan Should Know

By Jocelyn Buhlman

Freaky Friday is a timeless tale of silly switcheroos, and we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting facts about the different versions of the films, from the original 1976 release and the beloved 2003 retelling to Disney Channel’s latest musical reimagining of the story. No matter if you’re a fanatic of one Freaky Friday or all,…

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