Solve a Mystery in an All-New Grid—TRON: Identity Launches Today!

Something has been taken… are you the one to illuminate the truth?

TRON: Identity releases today on PC and Nintendo Switch, and the mystery has only just begun.

Play as Query, a detective program called in to solve a crime and uncover secrets that could impact the mysterious Grid he calls home. The choices you make matter; forge partnerships, uncover clues, and determine your perilous path as you make your way through branching storylines and twisty outcomes.

To navigate through this puzzling mystery, you’ll need to, well, solve puzzles! Defrag the identity discs of those you encounter to unlock lost memories, with puzzle mini-games increasing in complexity as you progress through the storyline.

TRON: Identity provides hours of content and re-playability as you explore several different outcomes to your choices, with each play-through offering more to discover. Change your approach, encounter new scenarios, and impact the fate of the server. It’s up to you.

This novel adventure has much in store for fans of Disney’s TRON. The game is set in an all-new Grid that was left alone to evolve without User intervention, and the legacy of Flynn is everywhere. The large, new cast of TRON characters you’ll interact with—like Prinz, the devotee of the Users design, or Proxy, the renegade rival—have shaped their world around the stories of “The Founders.” Encounter lightcycles; vibe to a striking game soundtrack inspired by the world of TRON; and definitely avoid ending up on the wrong side of an identity disc!

Play TRON: Identity today, available on Nintendo Switch and PC.